What is Yandex.Q and how can a business promote itself with it

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New services are new platforms for promotion, and SEO specialists always follow the emergence of such. But the first companies that came to Yandex.Q were faced with the fact that SEO content and links worked ineffectively. What is the reason? Yandex.Q is the territory of expert content. What this means and how to do it – read about this in the article too.

What is the article about?

  • What is Yandex.Q and how does it work?

  • What tasks does this service help business to solve?

  • How to Promote at Kew: Expert Content Basics

Who is this article useful to?

  • For business owners to understand how and why to allocate company resources for promotion.

  • SEO specialists to understand how to work effectively and promote a product on the service.

How Yandex.Q works

Yandex.Q is a question and answer service. For everyone involved in promotion, it is important to reach out to the audience when it is relevant to it, that is, to provide an answer to the request in time. On Kew, an organization from its page can answer relevant queries specifically for its company and general questions about its activities – this way the company not only demonstrates a high level of expertise in its field, but also helps the user to solve the problem without contacting technical support. Since Yandex services are well indexed, a presence on Yandex.Q is a good opportunity for a company to appear in response to a user’s request. But we’ll talk about the benefits for brands later.

The service consists of several feeds:

  • main page – consists of the most interesting, popular and expert answers.

  • personal page – a page of a specific user or organization with a description, logo and contacts, like a page on social networks.

  • communities – groups by topics and interests, where you can learn new knowledge in your field or help colleagues.

  • new questions page – keep track of new questions from users.

  • page with topics – all questions are divided by topic, choose the category you are interested in.

What content is suitable for Yandex.Q?

The most important thing is the generation of expert content. Answers should be complete, understandable, supported by links to research or evidence, well-worded and, of course, truthful and accurate.

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The service primarily uses text content – questions and answers in the form of text. But it is also possible to post video responses where appropriate (for example, it is easier to show how to tie a tie than to describe the process).

Be careful with links! The Service does not prohibit the use of images and links if they explain and supplement the information. However, for spam and unnecessary links that simply take the user to a product or store, you can get a ban.

The list of topics and directions is quite wide. There are common themes – history, philosophy, art. There are small tags – Russian literature, window production. There are many commercial topics – construction, finance. Users ask questions in many directions and wait for expert answers, so an organization in any field of activity will find its audience.

What brand tasks does Kew service solve?

Increases audience confidence. A page on Yandex.Q can become the same channel as a page on a social network. An organization can design a page in its own style, add a description. Unlike social networks, the page is designed in such a way that an employee is responsible on behalf of the organization. This is done so that the user can see that a live, understandable person of a specific position (expert, manager, leader) is communicating with him, and understand why he is answering this question.

    Solves customer problems. As we have said, by answering relevant questions, the organization demonstrates the level of knowledge and professionalism in its field. In addition, knowing that the company uses Yandex.Q, users are more likely to ask a question there than to contact technical support, and your answer will be seen by everyone who was interested in this question on Kew or looked for an answer in the search.

    Allows you to study the requests of the target audience. Questions on your topic can not only be answered – they can be studied for further use. Based on the questions, you can prepare relevant articles on Zen or social networks, supplement sections on the site, write a detailed answer, or invite a speaker to get expert opinion.

    Increases the competence of employees. In communities, only experts in the field have the right to answer questions, so organizations can glean relevant and reliable information in their industry. For example, in coronavirus communities, doctors share important and meaningful information that their colleagues can use in their work.

    Helps to get additional traffic. There is no paid promotion on the service, but it is possible to leave a clickable link in the responses. It appears under good (i.e. complete, literate, professional, and truthful) responses. This can be a link to a website, channel, service section or social network of the company. Using the link, the user can go to the desired site and take an action – order a consultation, buy a product, select a service. A signature with a link appears only under expert responses, so you need to make an effort to get additional traffic with it.

    Allows you to fight myths about the company and the industry as a whole. Myths are a headache for many industries, because they are difficult to eradicate, and they are transmitted at the speed of light, acquiring new details. It is unreasonable to persuade each client, but you can bring the most popular misconceptions to a mass platform and refute them. In this case, your answers will appear in the search for each relevant query.

Performance measurement tools

You can evaluate the effectiveness of using Yandex.Q through Yandex.Directory, most of the statistics go to the directory’s personal account – referrals, audience and much more. If we talk about the service itself, track the performance by rating, coverage within the service, coverage of responses.

What other features are there on Yandex.Q?

Since the service is focused on acquiring knowledge, expertise plays a key role. Therefore, an employee or company can obtain expert status.

How to do it? Pass verification, that is, submit an application and tell about yourself, attach certificates, diplomas, resume, demonstrate achievements or projects. The list of topics is still limited – you can see it when filling out the application.

Why is this needed? Unlike an ordinary user, experts can add extended information about themselves, use links to a product, and promote their services more widely. In addition, experts have the opportunity to verify other people’s answers on their topic: copy the given answer and confirm it (“I agree with this opinion”), or refute (“I disagree, because recent research suggests otherwise”). It is important to help readers distinguish between correct and incorrect answers.

Which business is profitable to go to Yandex.Q?

The service has no geo-referencing, so organizations from any city can use it. It should be said that it is a little more difficult for users to get to local brands from search. Large brands have something to share with the audience, in addition, they have employees to maintain a page on Yandex.Q, since the service requires regular attention. Small businesses will find it more difficult to allocate resources for this.

Let’s generalize. A small local brand is unlikely to get tangible benefits from using the service. For a local brand with nationwide delivery, Kew will be helpful. For a large company, even more so. If the company has a local binding, maintaining a page on Yandex. Q is not a top priority. If there is no local binding, the size of the business becomes unimportant, since the service allows reaching a wide audience through answers.

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