What kind of content a coffee shop needs: 9 useful tips


More often than not, articles along the lines of “150 tips about…” are 90% water. But I’m for practical articles, so in this article in order will talk about everything that helps coffee shops make good content for social networks. Which of these to implement will be up to you to decide for yourself.

Why does a coffee shop need content on social networks?

The first goal is to get to know potential guests who:

  • Saw the coffee shop, but did not dare to come in;
  • They poked at the ad in Target;
  • saw the location with friends, and so on.

In short – these are people who have not yet been to the coffee shop, but probably would like to visit it.

The second goal is to maintain contact with loyal guests. As a rule, guests add an account of the coffee shop in order not to forget about it, quickly find its address or participate in promotions, which are held by the institution.

It is important not to forget that coffee shops – a local business where traffic is important (and this “traffic” walks on its own two). Even in the coolest coffee shop with the coolest content roach not lure a guest who lives on the opposite side of town and never goes to where it is located.

How to choose a social network for work

Coffee shops have popular Instagram, and in smaller towns – Instagram and VKontakte. If you are not willing to spend the budget to promote the posts, you can not go to Facebook. Classmates is also not the best option for coffee shops. It is better to choose one social network and spend time on its development, than to be duplicated everywhere at once.

If you have a coffee shop with public Wi-Fi with authorization through your phone, I strongly recommend setting up a transition to your page in the social network after authorization. That way you’ll increase the conversion rate of your guests into page subscribers.

Do not forget to put on your social networking page contacts of the coffee shop, opening hours and menu. And in the coffee shop itself, it’s important to put offline advertising of your presence in the social network, so that guests can find your page and subscribe.

Where to start with content for your coffee shop

Start with benefits: think about why your guests would want to sign up for your account.

What new guests need. See your interior, assess whether you have enough seating (all of this should be in the photo). Look at your menu, check prices (you can post menus in group photo albums or in timeless Stories). Ask a question, if it appeared (that’s why it’s so important to answer in social networks). Well, and, of course, see where you are and what time you work (don’t forget to update contact information on the page). Reputational content, good photos and promotions will convince new guests to visit the coffee shop.

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ваш контент должен быть рассчитан на два типа клиентов

What regular guests need. A reminder of the atmosphere and the spirit of the coffee shop, so you want to remember and go there again. For example, delicious food and drinks in the photos activate the feeling of hunger. Involvement in the life of the coffee shop, the publication of photos of guests and their reviews – will show that their opinion is important. And reminder about promotions and contests will give an opportunity to get a discount or win something.

Before you launch your social media page, make a content plan or a rubricator (whatever’s most important to your heart), and decide how often you want to post. And be sure to decide who will be responsible for creating content – one of your employees, a freelancer or an SMM-agency.

How to work with photo content

When doing a photo shoot for a coffee shop, make sure that the photos have people in them – photos with people evoke more reactions from subscribers. Invite your real guests or models who are similar to your target audience as models.

If you bring in a cute, cute pug or pink tutu, for example, ask permission to take a picture of them for your coffee shop account.

Просите разрешения сфотографировать необычных гостей

A food photo shoot of your food and drinks will also be important. Make as much quality photo content as possible to use for several months, because any photo shoot is a difficult and costly activity.

Сделайте фото-контент в едином стиле

All of the above is the standard minimum, which can and should be expanded, if you have such opportunities. Take little videos, make gifs (with the process of making coffee, for example), come up with something else is all important and necessary for the coffee shop.

For Instagram, it’s important to keep content in a unified visual style, to observe the alternation of photos (if any), so that the content doesn’t look chaotic. One of the current trends is to process all the photos in the account in a single color correction. Also, coffee shops hardly ever use captioning on pictures or strong branding-it’s a mauvais ton; leave all the captions on pictures to Instagram Stories.

Coffee shop content ideas

Honestly, in this field, photo content decides everything, and people hardly look at texts. Your posts should be short, useful, and meet the goals for which people subscribe to you.

Here are a few ideas for the content of the coffee shop (of course, you can use and your own, based on the preferences of your guests):

  • promotions and discounts, contests;
    menu updates;
  • a description of the food and drink on the menu (try to convey flavor, aroma, impressions, details and nuances, write emotionally);
  • interesting facts about the coffee house, the history of creation, divided into several posts;
    stories of baristas;
  • coffee in the process: show how the coffee is brewed, talk about the intricacies, demonstrate your choice of beans;
  • stories about unusual coffeehouse customers, entertaining coffeehouse stories;
  • a column about unusual coffee houses of the world of the present and the past;
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  • A request to help choose something for the coffee shop – one of two logo options, new signage, ideas for the winter menu, etc.
  • The audience usually responds very warmly to this;
    a story about the coffee house staff;
  • Photos and feedback from guests of the coffee house;
  • coffee house news – a new coffee house opened, we changed cups, we work till midnight on Fridays;
  • coffee house interior, unusual details, interesting angles;
  • situational content: play around with news infomercials that may be relevant to the coffee shop, seasonal events, holidays, etc;
  • presentation of coffeehouse merch.


How a coffee shop can use Instagram Stories

Perpetual Stories is a good place to store what new guests will need to decide on a visit. There should definitely be a menu. Optional: reviews, interior photos, hours of operation and how to get there, menu hits, new items, promotions. It’s better if you limit yourself to 3-5 folders – more will be perceived as too chaotic.

Regular Instagram Stories should show the daily life of a coffee shop, talk about promotions and discounts, and show guest reviews. Try to use everything that seems natural for personal Instagram accounts – stickers, questions, polls, and hyphos – in the content in Stories.

Make sure baristas or other employees have access to Instagram so they can post storis directly and connect with followers.

Coffee shop contests

In general work more for a loyal audience. Immediately important advice: Do not use as a prize something that is valuable to all (such as an iPhone or 1000 rubles), so as not to attract professional prizefighters.

Better if the prize itself is a visit to a coffee shop: for example, a date for two, a certificate for a month of free coffee, free croissant or dessert, or finally, a discount. Basically, something that only your target and loyal audience wants, and something that your guest is likely to come for in more ways than one. That way, the person who goes to pick up their prize can bring you several more guests, and they can tell you along the way how great you are, and how glad they are that they won.

In general, any classic contest mechanics will work for a coffee shop – “mark a friend,” reposting contest, likehtime, and so on. But you can try and two specific types of contests and promotions – a gift for a subscription (in the vein of “Subscribe to our account in social networks, and get a croissant for free”), or raffle prizes among those who marked the coffee shop on the photo (so you stimulate people to put in social networks photo with the location and leave feedback about you).

Working with feedback for the coffee shop

The main tip – do not neglect the feedback. If you’re starting a commercial social media account, one of your goals is to work with feedback and negative feedback, which was, is, and will be (no matter how good your establishment is).

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You can often turn a disgruntled guest into a loyal one by simply shutting down their negativity with your feedback. What you definitely shouldn’t do is: get into arguments, respond for the checkmark style of “Thank you, we took your comment,” prove that your employees are right anyway. If possible, move all communication about negative feedback to personal messages.

The ideal scheme of work is as follows: listen to the negative, write down the actual data (when it happened, who worked, what the problem is), and compensate the guest’s moral loss by offering him a small bonus – for example, a free cup of coffee or croissant.

The main mistakes of coffee shops in social networks

First of all, the main mistake of coffee shops in social networks is low-quality content.

Boring texts on topics like “The benefits of coffee in our lives,” copied from the first links from search engines, stock photos of coffee beans and happy girls drinking coffee. Or your own, but low-quality photos. All this scares away your subscribers.

Another mistake is irregular posting in the style of four posts a year, “Hey, Spring! Here comes summer. Hello, fall! Happy New Year!”. If you’re not posting, you’re not being seen. Likewise with coffee shops who, on the contrary, try to post 4-5 posts a day. All your creative impulses are in the Stories, please, that’s where they’re relevant.

In third place would be the lack of feedback on social media. That’s how you write to the coffee house, ask a question – and the answer is silence. And immediately you think – are they closed? No, no, no, I don’t think I’ll go.

Bonus fourth place in the list of errors I give coffee shops that do not place in social networks menu, address, geolocation, and information about opening hours. You go to a page of a coffee shop, and she was like Stirlitz, hid in the bushes, and not a word about himself the enemy does not give. That’s the new guests do not get to her.

Let’s summarize

Thinking about the content for the coffee shop, first of all, represent your real guests and take into account what information they will be interested.

Take good photos of your establishment, food and staff in a consistent style to use on social media. Don’t forget to respond to customer messages and be correct in your communications: these are all important for your reputation.

Of course, all of this is based only on my personal experience with customers and coffee shops. By the way, the list of useful tips can and should be supplemented and improved: if you have some cool idea for coffee shop content, suggest it in the comments!

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