What kind of content is suitable in the gas station niche?


Often-asked question:

Why subscribe to gas station social media in the first place?

My answers:

  • Like everywhere else and everyone else – it’s to keep you informed of company news, promotions, job openings. And most importantly: changes in prices.
  • Useful tips, interesting facts for motorists.

For the entire period of my work with the project (as SMMschik and targeting specialist), I identified the TOP content ideas for attraction and retention.

Pain relief

If you’re a motorist, you’re sure to be hooked on topics: bad fuel/service/don’t refill, and others.

Of course, in such an area, you can’t do without negative comments.

More than once I’ve seen subscribers start discussions defending this or that company. Which is a plus for us, because it increases engagement and outreach.

Money. Savings

These are not posts about promotions, but about the loyalty program + fuel price changes.

Live photo

Fuel prices at a Rebel gas station in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Many U.S. drivers, stung by record gasoline prices, say theyd pay even more if it would end Russias war in Ukraine. That doesnt mean theyre happy about it. Photographer: Joe Buglewicz/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A simple mention of the service under the photo of the operator of TRK (gas station attendant) caused a large number of likes + sometimes in the comments opened the topic of pain – the presence / absence of gas station attendant.


These are all kinds of polls, quizzes, games.

Find the differences, correlate the gun with the number of fuel, choose the right answer and others.

If you can encourage active subscribers, do it! As material (a competition with prizes), as well as likes / mentions, etc. in the network itself.

But remember, the interaction should be simple + on the topic of your community. Start with closed questions (yes/no/select specific answers), then move on to open questions.

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Company News

For example, new facility opening/closing, new services. Questions with “HOW” (how to activate your card, how to write off bonuses, how to check addresses of gas stations, etc.).


driving car on highway, close up of hands on steering wheel

Tips, guides for motorists.

We touch upon related topics.

For example, how to wash a car in winter? When to change a tire? How to change the oil?


On the performance of the promotion of social networks affects a set of measures. Therefore, pay attention to everything: the design of the community, the use of its photobank, copywriting, targeting, etc.

I hope it was useful.

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