What products and how best to sell at Tik Tok

Nowadays, many users use social networks not only for self-expression and communication, but also for monetization. Tik Tok is ideal as a source of income on your own product. Moreover, this does not require a large number of subscribers.

In today’s article, you will find out which business is best to promote in TikTok and how to do it correctly for maximum profit.

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What niches are suitable for Tik Tok

Creating and promoting a commercial account is the best choice for those who want to immediately be able to make money on a social network. This is its significant difference from standard blogs, which are monetized by showing ads to a large base of their subscribers.

How to use Tik Tok for business:

  • Freelance work… The social network is suitable for selling various services in the virtual space. There are already quite a few experts here: copywriters, marketers, web designers and representatives of other professions. Also in TikTok, offline specialists, for example, makeup artists, builders, doctors, can promote their services. With a smart selling proposition and vibrant content, you can attract new customers and retain old ones.
  • Online sales… To attract the first buyers, it is enough to create an attractive profile, create high-quality videos. And of course, order advertising from top bloggers or use another method of promotion – we’ll talk about them later.

online sales business in Tik Tok

  • PR of an offline project… If you have a shop or cafe, you can promote this business in Tik Tok. Thematic videos targeted at the target audience will work better than banners in real life. Many people will see them, while the cost of such promotion is much cheaper.
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PR of offline business in Tik Tok

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What can be sold at Tik Tok

In this social network, the following are in high demand:

  • Expert services… For example, hairdressers, nail technicians, psychologists, videographers and photographers. In most cases, their content is useful and interesting to viewers.
  • Caring and decorative cosmetics… These product categories are easy to integrate into posts for TikTok. You can test different beauty products, review new products, and publish makeup tutorials.

example of a commercial account in TikTok

  • Clothes and accessories… The main audience of this social network is young people who like to experiment with the image and thus emphasize their individuality. Showcase stylish looks with the clothes you sell – and you will have many who want to buy it.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops… To interest potential customers, publish recipes for interesting dishes, show the process of making a latte. Videos that showcase the cozy atmosphere of your establishment work just as well.

coffee shop channel in Tik Tok

As mentioned earlier, the main backbone of Tik Tok is schoolchildren and students. However, according to official statistics for 2020, there are 14 million adult users among the permanent audience. And their numbers are gradually increasing. Therefore, you can try to promote not only youth, but also more serious niches in Tik Tok. For example, talk about tourism, gardening, fishing, construction. And sell related products. But be prepared for the fact that the demand will not be too great.

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How to do business on social media

Important milestones for the development of the Tik Tok canal:

  • Choosing the right niche… In addition to choosing a potentially successful field of activity, you need to determine your target audience. It is also advisable to analyze competitors: what do they shoot videos about, how often they post content, what are their advantages / disadvantages? Use this information to improve your own competitiveness and improve your promotion strategy.
  • Positioning… Think about what kind of opinion you want to produce on potential customers, what you need to create a positive image. Correctly design your profile and clearly state the USP, focusing on the benefits of your products / services and the benefits for the target audience.
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business positioning in Tik Tok

  • Drawing up a content plan… You need to think about topics that are interesting to potential customers in advance. At the same time, it is important to include all types of content in the publication calendar: informational, educational, selling and entertainment. The latter should be a priority.

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Business promotion in Tik Tok

Let’s analyze all the current ways to promote a commercial profile in the application.

  • Quality content creation… First of all, you need to focus on the development of videos relevant to the target audience. To do this, regularly track TikTok trends, be inspired by the ideas of popular TikTokers – this way you will have more chances to get into the “Recommendations” and get a lot of views.
  • Regular posting… To promote effectively on a social network, it’s important to stick to your content plan and post videos regularly. Otherwise, the audience will decide that the profile is inanimate and unsubscribe from you. For maximum convenience and time saving, we recommend setting up deferred posting in the ToTop Tool program.
  • Advertising with bloggers… Popular TikTokers can be found by challenges, keywords in search, and also on special exchanges. We recommend ordering ads from bloggers with a similar target audience and high channel activity. Make sure that the advertising content is unobtrusive, organically fits into the theme of the channel.

advertising with a blogger for business in Tik Tok

  • Massfollowing… This method of promotion involves automatic subscriptions to the accounts of the target audience in order to increase awareness and attract new subscribers. Mossfollowing is a great option for users on a budget and channels with rare posts.
  • Advertising on Tik Tok Ads… Targeted advertising is a financially costly, but an effective way to promote, thanks to targeted audience targeting. You can select target audience by location, age, interests and other parameters.
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There are many prospects for business in TikTok. But it is important to choose a suitable niche, clearly define the target audience and your own positioning. In addition, it is necessary to regularly post high-quality copyright content, promote the channel in all available ways and track performance using statistics.

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