What to write about yourself on Instagram: how to present information beautifully and correctly in your profile

For a casual visitor to become a regular customer, it is not enough just to publish useful content. Answers to questions such as “Where am I?”, “Who is this?” and “What is he doing?”, the user should find on the page within a few seconds. If instead of precise and concise answers [еще и под поиск заточенных], there is a void in the profile or a few abstract phrases like “The best photographer who shoots everything”, then you can only dream of orders through Instagram.

A well-completed profile motivates, motivates and evokes emotions. This is where the reader’s interest and desire to learn more should awaken. How do I complete my profile? What to write about yourself on Instagram so that orders follow your words? Read on.

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How to edit an Instagram profile

Let’s look at how to edit an Instagram profile using a personal page as an example.

The first step is to go from the ribbon to your page. Then click on the “Edit Profile” button to the right of the icon with the main photo.

And we fill in the information: name, nickname on Instagram, site address (if any), write briefly about ourselves. The last point is the most important one, and you have 150 symbols to engage the visitor and answer their questions.

How to change the profile header on Instagram

The name on the page is in bold, so they pay attention to it first. It is logical to write the name of the expert or the name of the company here.

Name on Instagram

Each user has his own unique nickname, which is displayed in the feed next to your publication, in comments and messages. Choose a name that is easy to read and remember, associated with the brand. Do not write only a search query in your nickname. Yes, you can immediately understand what you are doing, plus a young company without a name is difficult to find by a unique name. But with a name like “Yekaterinburg Beauty Salon” your profile will become “lifeless”, merge with a lot of similar companies. And Instagram doesn’t treat purely commercial accounts very well.

Unique nickname
On the page, in addition to the name of the company, it is also written in 2 words that they are selling

You can also add information about yourself by following the Instagram tips below the feed with photos.

For business profilesIn addition to the standard information, you also need to fill in the Category and Communication methods fields.

How to fill out a company profile

To make the profile header not only informative, but also beautiful, you can align it in the center or write the text in a unique font.

How to center align text:

  1. Go to Instagram from a PC or browser.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
    How to edit an Instagram profile from a computer
  3. Open the “About me” section.
  4. Add some spaces before the name (until the name is centered).
    How to center the text in the profile header
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Open the page from a mobile device and check the result.

What you can write about yourself on Instagram: explaining with examples

As we already wrote above, there are 150 characters for the BIO section, so you need to concisely and accurately fit here everything that may affect the visitor’s decision to place an order with you.

What can be added to the section “About me” [общие советы]:

  • Write the description in the native language of the audience so that visitors do not waste time translating;
  • select relevant search queries;
  • list services / products;
  • announce events;
  • call to action;
  • indicate geography;
  • branded hashtags or references to other projects;
  • write down contacts and working conditions.

What NOT to write in this section:

  • links to sites or blog (there is a special section for this);
  • hashtags (except for branded ones).

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What companies should write in their profile

If your brand is known, just write one precise phrase.

Example brand profile

And even if you are the owner of a small company, it is better to limit yourself to a couple of precise phrases than to write a lot of “water”.

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What should a specialist (freelancer) write about himself

  • Use keywords. For example, if you are a graphic designer, add the following words to your description: “design”, “web design”, “site design” and so on.
  • Write what you offer, what services you provide.
    What to write about yourself to a marketer
  • A specialist can also write a capacious slogan or idea that drives the workflow.
  • Encourage to contact you / learn more.

How not to doif no one knows about you yet:

  • just write a hashtag or link;
  • leave only a search query and a phone number in your profile.

What to write in the profile header of a personal blog

  • Write the name you follow for posts and videos.
  • Indicate what you do and are interested in. It can be a favorite hobby or work.
    What to write about yourself in a personal blog
  • If that audience, dilute the story about yourself with humor.

Someone understands this kind of humor …

… And some are closer to little fighters with a bad mood

  • Contact us or announcements of upcoming video / post releases.
    Contacts in the profile description

A couple of examples of how not to:

There are a lot of bloggers now, but why it is worth subscribing to this one is unclear

There are also no hobbies or specific blog topics in this profile.

Name for the sake of search, zero enticing information.

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Conclusion: you can leave the profile empty, but only if you are the owner of Adidas. And in other cases, write about your activities, products, services, promotions, announce events on a situational basis and experiment 🙂

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