What you need to create a successful website

Now it is difficult to imagine a solid company without its own website.

January 24, 2020

Now it is difficult to imagine a solid company without its own website. Even if you do not have Internet sales, at least a business card site is still better to have, because many clients will want to make inquiries on the Internet about your company. If your site collects search traffic, then you can get an additional stream of customers from the Internet. Attracting customers through advertising on the Internet is also much cheaper than offline, in addition, on the Internet, you can set up an advertising campaign so that it concerns only the target audience.

Let’s figure out what you need to launch your website and what structure a successful business card website should have.

What you need to start your own website

To launch and operate the site, you need the following three basic components:

  • Hosting. This is a place on a constantly running server that will store your website files. The cost of the service depends on the hosting operator, capacity, additional services, support, etc. If you do not have a full-time system administrator, then it is better to take a virtual hosting, which will be administered by the hoster himself. But it is better, of course, to take a virtual dedicated server, for example vds bitrix.
  • Domain. This is the name of the site from which the url address of any page on the site will begin. It is better to keep the domain short and memorable associated with the company name.
  • Website. To create a site, if the budget allows, you can contact a specialized company, but now there are many free site editors, thanks to which even a housewife without programming skills can create her page. For example, on Wikipedia you can read about WordPress – one of the best of the simple and free site management systems, for which there are many free templates.
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The correct structure of a business site

What pages should the correct business card site contain? Some of the following pages are essential for search engines to take your site seriously. Here is a list, with a short explanation:

  1. Main page – on it you can place blocks with announcements of all other pages; it should contain a description of the company in the list of services provided.
  2. About the company – despite the fact that most of this information will be on the home page, it is advisable not to abandon the creation of a separate page where you can submit extended information.
  3. Contacts – a page with contact information: phone numbers, address, email, etc. Despite the fact that some of the contact information can be in the header and footer on every page, it is absolutely essential. Information on it can be supplemented with a directions or a list of phone numbers of all departments of the company. There must also be support phone numbers where you can ask any questions.
  4. List of services rendered and prices for them. It is desirable to make it in the form of convenient tables.
  5. Answers to frequently asked questions – will help the client to make a decision and reduce the stress on the consulting department.
  6. Other information pages – terms of service, shipping options, privacy policy, etc.

These are the basic pages that most company sites need, regardless of format. Both a simple business card site and an online store need these pages.

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