What’s the joke about Pineapple Juice at Tik Tok?


“What’s the joke about pineapple juice at Tik Tok?” – an important question for bloggers who are starting to learn the features of a social network. New fit trends are emerging rapidly. If you don’t constantly filter what’s popular, it’s hard to fight the competition. New topics of conversation, memes and gags appear. The pineapple joke is a hit of 2021, which is described in more detail in the article.

What does pineapple juice mean in Tik Tok

The pineapple juice video on Tik Tok has received thousands of likes. The plot is unpretentious, interesting not for its completeness. The video begins with a young girl waiting for a boyfriend. She is not alone at home, she lives with her mother, who decided to go to the store. The girl asked for pineapple juice. And after the request, she looked meaningfully at the camera. What does a look mean – the basis of disputes between TikTok users who watched the video and shared their impressions in the form of a comment.

The subscribers were divided. A darkness of options has formed, but there are two leading ones. Part of the audience decided that the girl thus allocated more time. She is expecting a boyfriend, and the longer mom is not at home, the longer they will be alone. Not every store has this kind of juice, so it’s a really good option.

joke about pineapple juice tik tok

But my thoughts went further. Subscribers recalled that if you drink pineapple-based drinks, the taste of semen improves. And they made a conclusion about what the young people will do behind closed doors after their mother arrives with the purchase.

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Since there was a lot of controversy, this video took a leading position in the recommended ones. Views are constantly growing. Therefore, the video went viral and spread on other social networks.

The history of the video

Many similar videos were created based on this video. Another popular video with such a plot – a girl saw pineapple juice on the table and wondered what to do with it. I took up cooking and cleaning the house. I prepared dishes based on it and in the final I realized that it was easier to pour it out and not bother. Subscribers did not leave the author without valuable advice. We recalled the beneficial properties of the fruit for the male body in the comments. They offered to use the drink for another purpose, share the results in new videos.

pineapple juice tik tok

Being on Tik Tok likes videos like these, which provide a lot of space for creativity. This is a kind of challenge that offers, for one motive, to create different developments and guess about forbidden things.

If you want to make a popular video on this topic, you need to have acting skills, charisma and charm. Hone these skills. And don’t cling to one storyline. Surprise your subscribers sometimes. Try not to answer questions. Create more controversial situations – the more confusion after the video, the more likes and comments. Communicate actively with commentators creating a new news feed.

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