WhatsApp will allow the use of a single account on multiple phones


WhatsApp has added the ability to use one messenger account on multiple phones.

Each user can now link up to four devices to their WhatsApp account in the same way as in the web version, tablet and computer client.

Each tethered phone number connects to WhatsApp separately, so your personal messages, files, and calls remain protected by end-to-end encryption. Also, if the primary device is inactive for a long time, the other devices will automatically log out of the account.

According to the developers’ idea, the innovation will make the communication more convenient. In addition, there will be an opportunity to switch between phones without leaving the account and continue correspondence immediately.

The new feature will also be available for small businesses using WhatsApp Business. In particular, it will be possible to respond to customers from multiple phones.

The update will be available to all users within a few weeks.

Recall that WhatsApp is also working on strengthening account security. For example, now when transferring a WhatsApp account to a new device, the old device will receive a notification to confirm the action. Thanks to this feature, if you try to transfer your account to the new device without your knowledge, you will receive a notification and can prevent the theft of the account.

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