When and what time is the best time to post videos to Tik Tok in order to get into recommendations


On any social network, it’s important to post content at the right time. Tik Tok is no exception.

In this article, we’ll tell you what features of Tik-Tok affect the timing of posting and give you some recommendations on choosing the most successful time.

Features of Tik-Tok and its audience in terms of posting

So what should you consider when choosing the timing of publication in Tik-Tok?

Age of audience + topics – for teenagers it is recommended to upload video from 8 am to 5 pm (activity peak is after 13-14 pm), for adult audience – from 8 pm till 2 am + in the evening on weekends.

Features of Tic-Tac user behavior. When choosing a time, it is important to remember that there are moments that distinguish TT from other social networks:

  • Tik-Tok users mostly flip through their recommendation feeds and are less likely to look at their subscriptions. So it’s much more important to get to recommendations in time, rather than just posting a video. We recommend reading our material “How to get into Tik-Tok recommendations”.
  • TT used to give views in the first hour and tying it to publication time was more relevant than it is now. In May-June 2020, Tic-Toc changed its algorithms, now the views are gained over several hours – take this into account when posting a video.
  • Tik-Tok is a social network where people come to get “clicks. The audience is most active in TT when they have a lot of free time and can relax – after work/study and on weekends. If you post videos when the audience is going to work/study or during the lunch break – there can be no result, in this period the CA has less time to browse social networks.
  • When posting content during “rush hour,” be aware of the competition, as you are not the only one who is looking for the best time to post content. You need to take care beforehand to make sure your video stands out from everyone else. In this article, we’ve collected 10 video processing and editing apps, you can find effects, filters and transitions in them that are not available in the Tick-Tock editor, this will help you stand out.
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When and at what time it’s best to post videos to Tik-Tok to get into recommendations

Above we gave some general tips on choosing the best time to post, but they do not give a 100% guarantee of success, because a lot depends on the specifics of your account.

To understand when it’s best to post videos in TT – you need to constantly study the behavior of your subscribers and analyze what content shoots at what time.

Here are some recommendations:

1. study your account stats – it’s the most reliable source of information. If you haven’t started a Pro-account yet, it’s time to do it.

What metrics to pay attention to when analyzing statistics, when to choose the time of posting:

“Video views” in the “Engagement” tab. It has a scale of views by day, you can determine which day had the most views and compare that to when the videos were posted.

“Popular Clips” in the “Content” section. Videos with the most views are displayed here. Again, you can compare views to publishing time and see which videos made the recommendations and which didn’t.

Individual video statistics (if you click on a video in the “Content” section). Here you can analyze each video in detail. If several videos have made it into recommendations, see what time they were posted.

“Popular Places” in the “Subscribers” section. Shows the geography of the audience, by this metric you can understand what time zone to adjust for when selecting the time of publication. It is one time zone for the USA, another for Russia, and a third for Kazakhstan.

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“Subscriber Activity” in the “Subscribers” section. The most important metric that just shows the peak activity of your CA.

Analysis of statistics is something you should do regularly, not only to calculate the successful time of posting, but also to plan future content, work on mistakes, and find ideas for videos. Read about how to look at statistics and what metrics mean in our material.

2. Geographic location – consider the time zone of the country from where you are most watched.

Marketing information portal Influencer Marketing Hub studied 100,000 Tik-Tok accounts around the world and found out what time of day content shows the highest engagement rates. The result is in the table:

You can apply this information to your audience’s time zone. For example, if you’re mostly watched from Moscow, target Moscow time.

3. experiment. At the initial stage you need it in order to figure out the time of maximum audience activity – put a few first videos out at different times, and check which one gave the best result. But don’t forget that the coverage is more dependent on the video itself, so study the content in a complex way to understand what influenced the coverage – the time or the content of the video, or maybe all together.


4. To avoid sitting at your phone, plan your publishing time in advance. You can do this with the autoposting function in the desktop version.

You can also use services that support delayed publication in TT:

ToTopTool is a multifunctional service for promoting Tik-Tok accounts, delayed posting is just one of its functions. In addition to posting, a profile editor, account registration, as well as mass activities – subscriptions/unsubscriptions/like.
Onlypult supports 12 services, including Tik-Tok. In addition to autoposting, there is management of several accounts, collaborative work (you can give your employees access to accounts), competitor analysis, multicluster and microlending constructor, monitoring of brand mentions.

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You can use foreign ones – Loomly, Buffer, Socialpilot.


Look for the ideal time to publish content, conduct experiments, analyze statistics – all this will help in the promotion of the account in Tik Tok.

In addition, for success in this social network, you need a comprehensive approach – in addition to posting videos at a good time, you need to intelligently design your profile, choose a suitable promotion strategy, conduct live broadcasts.

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