Who has the most Instagram followers: in Russia and in the world

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It is easy to meet Hollywood actors, artists, musicians, bloggers, athletes here. Millions of people subscribe to the accounts of famous personalities. But who has the most Instagram followers?

This material is a selection of the 20 most popular Instagram accounts. Famous personalities from Russia and foreign countries got into it. Let’s take a look at what these people are up to and how they have been successful.

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10 most popular Instagram accounts in the world

Let’s start with the ten most popular foreign accounts. This list has traditionally included athletes, singers, actors, models and designers.

Account # 1: Cristiano Ronaldo, 157 million subscribers, @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers and the owner of the Instagram account with the most followers. In the posts, the athlete shares his achievements at work, pictures with his family, advertising materials. The number of Ronaldo followers is growing every day.

Account # 2: Selena Gomez, 147 million subscribers, @selenagomez

Selena Gomez became famous even before the advent of the social network Instagram. The talented girl managed to try herself in the cinema, on stage and on the podium. On Instagram, Selena talks about the highlights from her life, shares her creative successes and advertises world brands.

Account # 3: Ariana Grande, 147 million subscribers, @arianagrande

Ariana Grande is another American actress and singer, record producer and Grammy Award winner. The girl has a gorgeous gentle voice and attractive appearance. Unsurprisingly, she chose Instagram to promote.

The girl works closely – communicates – with her audience, for which the subscribers are grateful to her. Not a day goes by without another declaration of love in the comments.

Account # 4: Dwayne Johnson, 134 million subscribers, @therock

The famous American wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also communicates with his fans on Instagram. On his page, he talks about himself, his training, career and personal life. Each of his posts is gaining at least a million likes.

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Account # 5: Kim Kardashian, 130 million subscribers, @kimkardashian

The profile of Kim Kardashian, a famous American actress and model, ranks fifth on the list of the most popular Instagram accounts. On her page, the star talks about her personal life, professional achievements, advertises her own line of cosmetics. Kim Kardashian gained popularity even before her arrival on Instagram, and this social network has become a convenient platform for communication with fans.

Account # 6: Kylie Jenner, 128 million subscribers, @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is a young model, businesswoman and media personality. On Instagram, she started an account almost immediately after the announcement of the new social network. On her page, Kylie talks about her success in her career, advertises her own line of cosmetics.

Account number 7: Beyonce, 126 million subscribers, @beyonce

Beyoncé is one of the most influential musicians in the world. The girl made an excellent solo career, tried herself as an actress, fashion model, music producer, dancer and even a perfumer. Instagram has become another platform for her where you can share news with fans. Her posts are garnering millions of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Account # 8: Taylor Swift, 114 million subscribers, @taylorswift

Taylor Swift is an American singer, songwriter and actress who made a splash with her singles “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” ten years ago. The star appeared on Instagram in the summer of 2017. Swift is sensitive to criticism, so she turned off comments on her profile.

Account # 9: Neymar, 112 million subscribers, @neymarjr

Neymar de Silva Santos Junior, or simply Neymar, is a famous Brazilian footballer. Like his colleagues in the shop, he did not miss the opportunity to use Instagram to promote his personal brand. On his page, he talks about work, personal life and, of course, advertises products of famous brands.

Account number 10: Lionel Messi, 111 million subscribers, @leomessi

Lionel Messi keeps up with his colleagues on Instagram. In this social network, the football player posts posts about work, sports achievements, family. Messi also makes money from advertising, periodically publishing promotional materials on his page.

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10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia

Russian stars cannot boast of a huge number of followers and the same audience growth. Domestic media personalities have more modest figures.

Account number 1: Olga Buzova, 15 million subscribers, @ buzova86

After leaving “House-2” Olga Buzova was actively engaged in promoting her personal brand. She started singing, vlogging, opened her own restaurant and managed to get into Forbes. Now Buzova is touring all over Russia, which she tells her subscribers about. Olga’s audience is heterogeneous – half admire the singer’s talent and beauty, and the other half throw mud at her, calling her mediocrity. The girl does not react to barbs.

Account number 2: Khabib Nurmagomedov, 13.8 million subscribers, @khabib_nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a famous mixed martial arts fighter, took the second place in the number of followers on Instagram among Russian media personalities. On his page, the athlete talks about training and fights, family and friends, and advertises brands. Posts get hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of views.

Account number 3: Timati (Black Star), 13.6 million subscribers, @timatiofficial

Black Star is actively promoting on Instagram. In terms of the number of subscribers, it ranks third. In the posts, Timati talks about his business, travel and hobbies, family.

Account number 4: Ksenia Borodina, 12.5 million subscribers, @borodylia

The star of “House-2” Ksenia Borodina tells in her profile about her family – her husband and daughters – bright moments in life, advertises cosmetics and products for animals.

Account number 5: Pavel Volya, 11.8 million subscribers, @pavelvolyaofficial

Pavel Volya uses his Instagram account for work. He publishes pictures and short videos from performances, advertises courses of his own school of humor and clothes of his brand, occasionally talks about travel and personal life.

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Account number 6: Nastya Ivleeva, 11.1 million subscribers, @_agentgirl_

Anastasia Ivleeva started her career on the Internet. At first, she blogged on Youtube, and then migrated to Instagram. In this social network, she gathered a huge army of followers, after which she went out to the big screen – she began acting in the show “Heads and Tails”, conducting concerts. The girl is not afraid to laugh at herself, entertaining her subscribers in this way.

Account number 7: Vera Brezhneva, 10.5 million subscribers, @ververa

Vera Brezhneva often publishes work news on her Instagram – photos from performances, shows and rehearsals. From time to time, the girl tells subscribers about her personal life. Brezhnev tries to publish posts daily to constantly remain in the sight of her fans.

Account number 8: Nastasya Samburskaya, 10 million subscribers, @samburskaya

Nastasya Samburskaya, who gained unprecedented popularity after filming in the series “Univer”, also became one of the leaders in terms of followers on Instagram. The girl talks in posts about her work – performances, rehearsals, performances and concerts – her personal life, actively promotes charitable foundations and events. Subscribers are ambiguous about the actress – some love her, others constantly tease her.

Account number 9: Egor Creed, 9.8 million subscribers, @egorkreed

Yegor Creed became famous not only as a singer and songwriter, but also as the owner of an Instagram account with a multimillion audience. He uploads pictures and videos from performances and rehearsals, brags about the number of views of clips on Youtube, makes reposts of funny content.

Account number 10: Anastasiya Kvitko, 9.5 million subscribers, @anastasiya_kvitko

Since childhood, Anastasia Kvitko dreamed of being a model, but her appearance was ordinary. She was lucky when the photographer Anvar Norov noticed her. He gave the girl a happy ticket to the modeling business. In an attempt to get rid of youthful complexes, Kvitko increased her breasts and buttocks to unimaginable sizes. In 2014, she appeared in front of Instagram users in this form and almost instantly became popular on this social network.

The girl has many haters who consider her figure disproportionate. “Russian Kim Kardashian” pays no attention to this.

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