Why do I need coins at Tik Tok and how to get them?

Tik Tok coins are a personal currency used in the community. In the article, we will tell you the meaning of coins in the application and how to earn them. We will explain how to shop and transfer money to your own account.

But we warn you that in the material you will not find a way to hack the system and make money in a dishonest way. Hacking Programs TikTok blocks and deletes fraudulent accounts.

Why are coins needed and what do they give in Tik Tok

The monetary unit of the social network is called Tik Tok Coins. The money is virtual, but the user buys it for real currency. Coins are in your wallet – use whenever you want.

They pay with coins for emoji and give diamonds, thanks to the interesting clip. In response, while watching your short music video, subscribers can also donate a brulik. Having collected the required amount of funds, they are withdrawn to a real bank account.

How to get coins in Tik Tok

You can get coins in two ways.

  • The first one is to top up an online wallet on a social network.
  • The second is to earn money by boosting subscribers who will rate your videos and give gifts.

This option will be an excellent income if you seriously start promoting your own profile.

Buying coins

Let’s replenish the balance of the wallet so that you can start using them for their intended purpose.

  1. Open the app and log into your account.
  2. Go to the bottom menu bar in the “Me” tab.
  3. In the upper right corner, click “three dots”, “Settings” will pop up.
  4. Select “Balance” from the list.
  5. In the wallet, click “Replenishment”.how to buy coins in tik tok step 2
  6. Select the required number of coins and click on the red cell with the price in the right column (the table of the cost of coins will be displayed in the currency of your country and depend on the dollar rate).how to buy coins in tik tok step 3
  7. Enter your bank card details and complete the payment.how to buy coins in tik tok step 4
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Congratulations! Virtual money appeared on the online account of the account. But we also warn you that it is impossible to return or exchange the invested funds. Now let’s consider the possibilities of wasting coins in the application.

How to spend coins on Tik Tok

After the payment has been made, the money appears in the personal wallet of the TikTok account. The logical question is how to spend this money.

where to spend coins tick tok

If you liked the video, thank you for the quality content, leaving a gift – tips, that is, a tip. The gift will be marked with your name and will be seen by other Tiktokers. Give a lot of tips – popularity grows and views are gained. And when your popularity increases, other users start to thank you in return. This is the beauty! With every coin from the fans, the motivation grows for the person to shoot even more new short clips.

How to cash out virtual coins at TikTok

Your short videos attracted many users and subscriptions poured in, and with them, gifts from fans in the form of coins. The question arose of how to cash out honest earnings. If they collected 200 bruliks, then they earned 1 dollar, on the basis that 1 diamond is estimated at half a cent. 100 coins equals $ 0.99.

how to cash out virtual coins in tik tok

But there are certain rules for transferring bucks to a real account. Read about them below.

Translation rules

To withdraw funds, the TikTok platform uses the PayPal non-cash payment system. If you are not registered, do this and link your account to your social network profile. Check the correctness of the entered personal data: bank card and registration address. The user is solely responsible for his own mistakes.

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There are two basic rules for transferring money.

  • The minimum withdrawal is only $ 100. This means that the system will not allow a smaller amount to pass. The request will go away only if the wallet balance is at least $ 100.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount per day is $ 1000. Only the specified amount can be withdrawn to your PayPal account per day and no more. If the balance is three thousand dollars, then it will take 3 days to transfer all the money – 1000 per day. Yes, this is inconvenient, but these are the rules of the community.

Withdraw funds

So you’ve earned your first 100 bucks. The question arose – how to withdraw this money. Let’s analyze the withdrawal process step by step.

  1. Go to TikTok and log in to your account.
  2. Open “Settings” through the “Me” menu.
  3. Select the “Balance” tab.
  4. Find the “My Rewards” button.
  5. Opposite the required amount, click “Withdraw funds”.

The translation will become available after collecting a certain number of diamonds. The transaction takes 15-21 business days for security reasons. For money transfers, please contact the platform’s technical support. Experts will help you solve the problem.

This article has dealt with many questions. We hope that after studying our material, you have a bunch of new ideas on how to earn coins in Tik Tok in 2021.

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