Why People Don’t Follow Me: 6 Reasons for Refusals

Simple work in SMM may seem only at first glance. In fact, every stage of creating and developing a channel takes effort. Therefore, it is doubly offensive if you put in all your love and diligence, and the subscriptions do not go. To help you grow your account faster, we’ve compiled the 6 most popular reasons why no one is following.

1. No focus

It is difficult for people to understand what your channel or profile is about. Even if you are a lifestyle blogger and write about your life, it is important to highlight 1-3 main topics. The rule “about everything means nothing” works here. This is how the brain works – it loves to put everything in boxes. If you do not provide such an opportunity, the subscriber will feel discomfort. Only a few are willing to invest time to figure out what your blog is about and what benefits it can provide. Most will pass by.

What to do: Clearly and clearly indicate in the profile header or channel description:

  • What is your account about: it is optimal if you can formulate the main topic in 3-4 words. You can add humor and zest.
  • How can you help: Again, as succinctly as possible, make it clear what competencies you have, what is the peculiarity of your channel. Alternatively, you can make a special offer for your subscribers to stay with you.
  • What to expect from you: make a promise and make a call.

2. You haven’t met your target audience

You can create the best content, but if your users are not using the platform of your choice, everything will go down the drain. You can improve the content and puzzle over why people don’t subscribe to Telegram, but the fact is that this format is inconvenient for your users. Even if they use a messenger, it can be inconvenient to read serious analytical materials mixed with business and friendly chats. Or housewives won’t subscribe to the culinary channel in Telegram because they are not there.

Poor site selection

What to do: When creating an additional platform or it is worth asking the audience how it will be convenient for them. But also understand that those who use Telegram will say that everything suits them. But those who do not use – will be conditionally deprived of the right to vote. And this will not solve the problem, why people don’t subscribe to your Telegram. Therefore, you need to ask on different platforms, ask more detailed questions: what is convenient and what is not. It would be nice to ask if they are ready to move to another platform for the sake of quality content.

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If you don’t have groups yet, for example, you are an offline store that wants to go online, you can ask at least at points of sale and arrange a kind of vote. So you will also announce the launch of a new site. If you don’t have access to target audience yet, ask for a focus group. In addition, with the help of Pepper.Ninja, you can parse the audience of similar communities on social networks and see which one has more of your audience.

Another option is to duplicate your content for a while on different social networks and eventually see where your posts go the most. Crossposting is easy to set up through SMMplanner. However, this is a time-consuming business, since you still have to adapt the materials for different social networks: people do not subscribe to Twitter with broken phrases or to Telegrams, in which there are two sentences.

3. Too much content

We understand that you want the best. But content overload is a common reason why no one follows on Instagram. So you need to decide on the amount of content per day. If you publish dozens of stories, but at the same time do not have high engagement, people will scroll through it and will not subscribe to you on Insta. Not everyone is ready to let in their life an account that tirelessly bombards with information. People will get the impression that they are not keeping up with you. Hence the discomfort. Only users with very high motivation are ready to watch 20 stories about a sports suit.

Example of too active posting

What to do: Empirically determine how much content hits your audience well, and where bounces already begin. Monitor statistics throughout the week and draw parallels. This way you can visually determine when the brute force starts with posting.

If you want to simplify the testing process for yourself, schedule publications through SMMplanner. In the service, you can set auto-posting up to a minute and monitor the results. Experiment not only with the number of posts per day, but also with the release time. Results can be compared and analyzed in the DataFan service.

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4. The account looks abandoned

“If there have been no publications in the account for a long time, why subscribe to it?”, Users think. However, “for a long time” is a relative concept: for someone it can be a week, for someone – a month. This problem can be faced primarily by youtube channels that prepare serious, solid materials and cannot provide frequent posting. This also applies to those who do not like to publish content regularly and are guided only by inspiration.

Abandoned canal

What to do: Create the right expectation from the channel and provide a sign of life. For example, in the profile header, you can write how often your videos are released. If you are not a fan of regular posting, then you have to love him or at least imitate sympathy for him. The easiest way is to schedule at least 4-8 posts per month through SMMplanner, which will come out regardless of your inspiration.

5. Poor design

In other words, you are bored or ugly. Or both. Meet, as we all know, by dress. This is especially true for Instagram, where there is a lot of emphasis on visual information. Therefore, if you do not want to rack your brains later, why no one subscribes on Instagram, take care of the design.

What to do: You don’t have to do everything from scratch – you can get inspiration from already successful accounts. When working on your design, pay attention to the following points:

  • Unified style: I would like your profile to look solid, well thought out, worked out. It will be good if the user gets the impression that he has found something valuable, beautiful, important, and original. Try to avoid standard “plastic” photos, hackneyed poses and boring camera angles – nowadays individuality is in the price.

An example of a harmonious account design

  • Show content: If in your profile you give valuable knowledge, then do not hide it from users – put text on the covers. This applies not only to those who are trying to figure out why they do not subscribe to Insta, but also to Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte and even TikTok.
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An example of a good demonstration of useful content

  • A clear message: Decide who you are – a playful kitty, a mother of three or a strict professional. All options have a place to be, but it is difficult for users who are not yet familiar with you to perceive the double message. When looking at your profile, everything should be very clear: this is an account about motherhood, or this is an account about healthy lifestyle, or here you can get advice from a professional psychologist. There should be one main motive. To test yourself, ask your friends to describe in a few words who, in their opinion, owns this profile and what to expect from it. This will help hone the visual message.

An example of a clear visual message

6. You are in a shadow ban

If all the previous reasons rested on the fact that you did not do something, then here is just the opposite. A shady ban is a social network’s way of punishing you for inappropriate behavior. Your content is blocked without your knowledge and users do not see your posts, you are not displayed by hashtags. Cheating through bots, excessive activity in likes and subscriptions, the use of prohibited hashtags, violation of community rules can lead to a ban.

Many do not immediately notice the presence of a shadow ban. But if you notice a sharp decrease in views, likes and subscriptions – most likely, this is the case. And now, instead of puzzling over why they don’t subscribe to TikTok or Instagram, you should ask yourself what you did wrong.

What to do: There is good news: the shadow ban does not last forever. First, eliminate its cause: if you use cheat services, disable them. Remove dubious posts too. In addition, you can pause posting for 2 days. According to users, if you do not use your account for 48 hours, the system reboots and you are visible again. You can read more about the shadow bath here.

We hope this article helped you not only find the reasons for the lack of subscriptions, but in general inspired you to make your account better. We wish you success!

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