Why people unsubscribe to Instagram


Audience churn in Instagram is one of the factors that is not taken into account when promoting profiles in this social network. Most often it is a natural process, but sometimes there are too many unsubscribes and you need to figure out the reasons.

This article will tell you why subscribers leave, how to understand the reason for unsubscribing and what to do to avoid it.

Why are you losing subscribers on Instagram

The natural outflow/inflow of the audience in social networks is normal. Because of the overabundance of information, people periodically purge their feeds of things that are no longer interesting and irrelevant. It is bad when people unsubscribe from you abruptly and en masse. Here you have to sort out what you have done wrong. We tell you about the main reasons for unsubscribes on Instagram:

Unsubscribing giv lovers

This is the fate of all accounts that attract subscribers through giveaways. People subscribe, not to follow your account, but for the free stuff. When the giveaway ends, they leave. It’s better to periodically run small contests for those who are already subscribed to you, but don’t use this as a way to attract a new audience.

Bots leave

If you (or someone you turned to for account promotion) have been boosting followers, sooner or later all those accounts will start to fall off. First, Instagram itself bans bots, and second, their task is simply to subscribe, maybe even like, but not to become your fan. If someone makes money by subscribing to others, they also unsubscribe regularly to get into Instagram’s subscription/ unsubscription limits. This is yet another argument against scamming.

Unsubscribing from commercial, ad, and massfollower accounts

Massfollowers subscribe to you to get you to subscribe back, commercial and advertising accounts to get you to subscribe and make a purchase. If there is no feedback from you, they can unsubscribe after a while. There are services with an unsubscribe function for unreciprocal accounts.

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Your audience has become uninterested in you

You post monotonous content, don’t work on the quality of photos and videos, don’t give new information. There can be many reasons why people lose interest in you.

Sometimes it’s not even you – it’s just that the subscriber is no longer interested in the topic, or something more important has grabbed their attention.

Subscribers have gone to a competitor

Let’s say you are a blogger and you post content on the subject of healthy lifestyle. And besides you, there are 100 more bloggers like that. Someone turned out to be brighter, more charismatic, more interesting, and more likely to post content. And your subscribers go to him.

You caused a negative reaction from your subscribers

For example, you harshly expressed yourself in someone else’s direction or started posting posts not of your own subject, you’ve been rude to your subscribers, you post too many ads. As a rule, after a short period of time the people you’ve hurt will start unsubscribing. There may simply be a personal dislike, for example, it may seem to the subscriber that you brag too much about your way of life.

The account is abandoned

You’ve abandoned your account and subscribers are starting to forget you. If you haven’t posted anything for months, people may unsubscribe. Regularity is important. If you rarely post photos, at least do more posts. Some subscribers are also offended when you don’t get feedback – you don’t respond to their comments, you don’t answer their questions, this too can cause unsubscribes.

You are, on the contrary, overly intrusive

For example, you literally overwhelm subscribers with new posts and posts, causing irritation. The optimal number is no more than 3 posts per day.

Your account has been hacked

It happens too, but less often – intruders hacked your account, might have changed the content, sent spam, unsubscribe from subscribers, or behave inappropriately with them, resulting in unsubscribes.

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How to understand the reason for the unsubscribe

There are several ways:

  • Look at your stats – if your ER and coverage remained the same, but there are a lot of unsubscribes, it means that inactive accounts are unsubscribing, and most likely these are bots, massfollower or advertising accounts. But it’s not a 100% explanation because there are users who follow posts but never like or comment on them, so you need to rule out the other reasons.
  • Analyze after which post the unsubscribing started. Maybe you’ve made a mistake in a post or series of posts, such as misbehaving, touching a controversial topic, or publishing ads that your followers didn’t like.
  • Read the comments. Subscribers may let you know what they don’t like.


Tip: Try as often as possible to study and analyze your stats, because this will not only help you understand the reason for unsubscribing, but will also help you understand what you need to change/improve in your profile. Since there are few metrics in your own Instagram stats, it’s worth using third-party account analytics services in addition.

What should I do if I want people not to unsubscribe from Instagram?

What are the ways to solve the problem. First of all, you need to understand the reason for unsubscribing. If you’re abandoned by giv lovers or cheated bots, it’s simple – do not hold giv and forget about cheating, and in the future there will be no such unsubscribes.

Not all reasons for unsubscribes can affect, for example, if gone massfollower or account cleaned hacker – there’s nothing you can do, just attract a new audience of quality content.

But if the cause is you, here are a few tips:

  • Be correct with your subscribers, don’t stoop to criticizing your competitors.
  • Give feedback – answer questions, respond to comments (you can just put a heart if you don’t have time to respond).
  • Constantly work on the quality of the content.
  • Do live broadcasts and ask your subscribers what they like/dislike about your publications. Read our article on how to do a live broadcast.
  • Publish content on a regular basis.
  • If you advertise – do it in moderation, think about what to advertise and how. There’s no need to turn your page into a showcase and aggressively push some product/service, learn how to do native advertising.
  • Don’t be intrusive – publish no more than 3 posts a day at intervals of a few hours. Storis as often as possible.
  • Analyze subscribers’ reactions – how they react to the content (positively/negatively), which publications lead to more engagement.
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If you have a few subscribers in Instagram, it’s not a problem, but if people started unsubscribing in droves, then you need to carefully reread our article, find the cause of unsubscribing and start applying the recommendations outlined above. All of this applies to other social networks as well.

The main recommendation: be yourself. This is especially true for bloggers. We have given a lot of advice that, after reading it, you might think that you should always adjust to your subscribers to please them. In fact, social media, just like in life, values individuality and the ability to be real. If some part of your subscribers left because you expressed your own opinion or didn’t conform to a certain image, then maybe you shouldn’t worry. After all, those who share your views will remain. But it’s more complicated with commercial accounts; the principle here is that the customer is always right. So it all depends on whether you have a personal or commercial account, and what your goals are.


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