Why Tik Tok crashes on Android and iPhone – what to do?

Why does Tik Tok crash? Several dozen users contact the support service of this mobile application with this question every day. Since the network is quite popular and busy, failures often occur here. Usually administrators fix them quickly and efficiently. The other side of crashes is an internal problem with your smartphone. And they are found both on Android and iOS.

Why Tik Tok crashes on the phone

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There are a number of reasons why the program refuses to function on a mobile device:

  • you haven’t updated it for too long, and the old version is no longer supported;
  • you do not have enough RAM to run this software;
  • there is a virus on the device that interferes with the normal functioning of social networks;
  • an unknown internal error has occurred;
  • no Internet.

What to do if Tik Tok crashes


If you are faced with the fact that TikTok crashes on your phone, then follow these steps:

  • first make sure that the gadget is connected to a mobile Internet or a wi-fi access point;
  • then go to Play Market or Appstore, open the tab with the library of programs, and check for updates;
  • if the system offers to reinstall the program, then agree and wait for the operation to complete;
  • if there are no updates, restart the software;
  • then go to the storage, and check the availability of free space;
  • if you have previously received notifications that there is not enough memory, clear the space of unnecessary files;
  • also go to the settings and clear the program cache;
  • to eliminate the possibility of a virus penetration, download Doctor Web, Kaspersky, Avast or any other mobile antivirus;
  • After loading, carry out a comprehensive cleaning immediately.
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If these steps did not help, perform a firmware reset and restore through general settings.

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