Why videos on TikTok are getting fewer views

All Tiktokers spend a lot of time and energy to become popular on social networks: they create videos, promote content through collaborations and advertising. And videos are gaining zero or few views.

If you are faced with such a situation, do not give up. In today’s article, we will look at the possible causes of low coverage and how to solve these problems.

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The main reasons for the lack of views

First, let’s talk about some important points right away.

Firstly, TikTok has specific algorithms in which the number of views plays a decisive role. If there are no or few viewers under the video, it will not appear in Recommendations.

Secondly, a clip is considered viewed if the user has watched 2/3 of the entire video. Random swiping does not affect statistics. But repeated views of the same user are counted.

If the numbers below the video do not increase, the problem may be as follows:

  • Publishing errors… You could have kept the video in draft or made it private. We recommend that you check your Drafts and settings.
  • Forced privacy… A video may also fall into the “Private” category if you used a track in it that the author does not allow for its use in a particular country. There is only one way out: to reload the clip with a different audio track.
  • Content is under moderation… Relevant if you recently added a video and it has not received views. This process can take from a couple of minutes to several days.
  • Insufficient / incorrect use of hashtags… It is important to indicate under the videos the relevant hashtags, by which the audience can easily find them in the TikTok search.
  • Low quality content… Users will not waste their time on uninteresting videos with poor visuals. Work on the content and quality of your videos.
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How to get a lot of views on Tik Tok

The issue with the number of views is a serious reason to think about your posts.

Take advantage of the advice of experts and popular Tiktokers:

  1. Track new platform trends and take them into account when creating videos.
  2. Rely on originality – even ordinary things can be shown from an unexpected side.
  3. Choose a musical accompaniment that will convey the mood of the video and add the necessary accents.
  4. When creating content, use a good camera, lighting equipment, and a lavalier microphone.
  5. Add low-frequency and mid-frequency hashtags under your videos that match the theme of your content.

Example of relevant hashtags in TikTok

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  • Spend time on post-processing inside TikTok or with third-party video editors. Use popular effects, filters and transitions.
  • Promote videos on your other social media accounts.
  • Publish content at the best time. Usually it is 8-10 am, 12-14 pm and 16-20 pm. But it is better to focus on the activity of your target audience – the data from the “Analytics” section will help you with this.
  • Add catchy text to the description under the video. It can contain a question for the viewer or a call to action.

An example of the correct description under the video in Tik Tok

Another important point is the regularity of publications. Create a schedule for new videos and stick to it with auto-posting in the ToTop Tool. Knowing that you regularly upload content at a certain time, users will subscribe to the channel and look forward to new videos. This way you can get as many views, likes and comments as possible.

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