Widgets in VK for a group – how to add and configure

Almost all small and large communities use VK widgets for a group. They greatly simplify the work of the administrator, help connect the site with a social network, sell their products, communicate with subscribers, collect and process requests for services. The developers are constantly adding new applications. We decided to make a list 10 of the best useful and interesting extensions that will help improve efficiency group promotion in VK

After reading the article to the end, you will not only decide which widgets will be useful for a group dedicated to your business, but you will also be able to add and configure the desired widget.

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Top 10 best and useful widgets in VK for a group

Despite their huge number, the most popular and necessary options can be identified. Let’s take a look at them:

Shop of goods

For whom: people who sell goods.

goal: selling products directly in the group without going to other sites and online stores.

In 2015, a support service was launched within the retail social network. It looks more like a showcase than a full-fledged online store, but you can make a sale and receive money without any problems.

Install the product store application

To connect, you need to go to the menu “Community / Page Management”… Selecting a section “Applications” and add the appropriate widget. A window will automatically open in front of you, in which you need to configure all the parameters. You can see an example of filling in the fields in the screenshot above.

It is imperative to configure the main points:

  • Delivery region.
  • Currency. You can choose the Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakhstani currency – tenge, dollar or euro.
  • Contact. Be sure to set up this section so that you can take orders. You can specify a team leader or arrange to receive orders through messages.

All these points will be on one page. As soon as you fill in the product cards, complete the basic setup, the product block will appear on the main page of the group.

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Donation widget

For whom: Communities that share useful information for free.

goal: support group owners.

Most communities provide useful content for free. At the same time, there are subscribers who are ready to support the administrator with money.

To connect the widget, go to the section Community Management… Go to tab “Applications” and add “Donations”

Installing a widget for a group in VK - donations

Everything is already working, you just need to configure the basic parameters:

  • if desired, you can change the name of the button;
  • specify the category of users;
  • select a snippet, it will be located next to the link to the application;
  • the name of the application itself.

After that, be sure to save your changes. Enter information in the text block, set up your e-wallet.

Setting up the widget

After installation and configuration, be sure to write an article in VK, using the new editor, in which write that you accept funds for the development of the community.

Spycat: Lead widget builder for VK

Lead generator

For whom: community owners.

goal: improving behavioral factors, attracting customers.

Each person can set up a direct appeal to the visitor by name. You can write your own selling proposition to increase brand awareness.

To add an application, you must go to the group. Click on the three dots below the main photo. Select “Community Management” from the list. In the right column, click on “Applications”. Select and add the appropriate widget.

Installing a widget for a group in VK from spycat

Fill in the main fields:

  • button name;
  • who can see her;
  • snippet;
  • Application Name.

Do not forget to save your corrections, after which you can go to the settings.

Select text or personal type.

Setting up a widget for a group in VK

Go to editing, fill in the main points. Next, save it and turn it on right away. A small window will open in front of you, if you like everything, click “Update widget in the group”.

Save changes

The advantage of this widget is that it does not look like a call to purchase, rather it is like a greeting that improves the appearance and sets the user up in a more positive way. To delve deeper into the subject of visuals, explore recommendations for group design on VKontakte


For whom: those who want to send messages with any materials, automate the mailing.

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goal: build a base of active subscribers to whom you can inform about new promotions or contests

Send message widget

If you want to enable such a possibility, go to the page – https://vk.com/app5748831… Click Connect Application.

Next, you need to select a group. Click on the gray circle and click Add.

If everything was done correctly, you will see a window about the successful completion of the operation.


For whom: Ideal for businesses or groups looking to build a customer base to sell products, services or invitations to events.

goal: Turn users on the social network into customers.

Application widget

Go to the “Applications” section of your group page. Select the appropriate application and click Add.

Customize button title, visibility, snippet and app name. Then go to the main settings and fill in the fields as you see fit.


For whom: all communities, ideal for online stores and companies.

goal: find out the opinions of subscribers without redirecting them to other sites.

Tests widget

The advantage is in several types of tests. The administrator decides for himself when the audience finds out about the answers or it may not know them at all. You can assign points to each question.

Setting up the tests widget for the VKontakte group

The connection process is no different from others. You can see an example of filling out the main fields above. Save changes and wait for the results of users passing your test.


For whom: Suitable for any group owner.

goal: Conduct a full survey or survey of subscribers and visitors to the community.

You can create different types of questionnaires and multi-step voting. Use this for audience research or as a brief for clients. There are detailed statistics that allow you to study the audience. A notification setting has been created to make the work of the administrator and users more comfortable.

To add, go to “Page Management” – “Applications”. Select “Forms” and click “Add”.

Questionnaire widgets

We fill in the basic settings and proceed to creating profiles. Click on the “Go to application management” button.

Let’s look at an example of creating a questionnaire:

  1. Enter the name.
  2. Click on the first item (see the example in the screenshot above).
  3. We ask a question and add answer options.
  4. Click “Save”.

You can significantly expand the questionnaire by adding more items, photos, different types of questions.

Personal account for the joint venture

For whom: online store owners.

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goal: makes it easy to participate in joint purchases.

Immediately after installation, you will receive the following features:

  • display of the general account for purchases;
  • notifications are received if there are changes in purchases;
  • order history is saved;

The addition is no different from the rest. After starting, you must click on the “Subscribe” button.

Shopping Co-op Widgets

Attention! In the screenshot, you can see the application setting. It will only be available after other users subscribe and you create a group for purchasing and managing items.

Event schedule

For whom: administrators who are focused on hosting concerts, exhibitions or other events.

goal: drawing attention to a specific event, notifying subscribers about it.

Adding is no different from working with previous widgets. After filling in the main fields, go to the settings.

Click on the “Create an event” button.

Fill in all the required fields and save the changes. After that, users will have access to the event notification.

Order status

For whom: online shopping on the VK social network.

goal: Buyers can see the status of the order.

If you sell products on VKontakte, be sure to install this application. Thanks to it, users will be able to see the status of their purchase. There are 3 statuses in total: pending approval, shipping and delivery. Able to integrate with the virtual store that we considered before. This allows you to automatically load statuses for which templates are pre-configured.

Order status widget

Go to “Community Management”, select the “Applications” section. The widget is located almost at the end of the page, so we recommend using the search. Click “Add”.

The application has been added, we fill in the main sections, be sure to save and go to the settings by clicking the corresponding button.

You don’t have an integration yet, so the system will offer you to choose CRM. Next, you need to follow the prompts of the system, because further settings and work with orders depend on the selected item.


VK widgets for a group make work much easier. You can not only share information with subscribers and visitors, but also give them the opportunity to buy goods, attend your events, and collect a database for further mailings. Thanks to applications, an ordinary group on a social network can be turned into a tool that can replace a site in functionality!

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