Yandex advertisers will be able to place ads on TikTok

Yandex offered businesses to buy ads on TikTok via Direct. According to the developers, this way advertisers will be able to reach a new youth audience using a special ad format adapted for the TikTok video platform.

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How to advertise on TikTok via Yandex.Direct

In order for the ad to appear in the app’s video feed, you need to create text and image ads in Yandex.Direct. Next, the creative is automatically superimposed on the most suitable audio track, elements of interaction for users, it adapts to the vertical format of the mobile device screen.

Ads can be shown on the video platform under the terms of the standard auction in YAN, if the TikTok audience matches the campaign settings.

For the new format, targeting by search interests, socio-demographic characteristics, geography and other parameters is available. Yandex’s algorithms allow you not to overpay for inappropriate contacts, but to show ads only to those who can really benefit from it.

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Earlier, we reported about a new keyword picker and combinator in Yandex.Direct.

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