Yandex.Collections: what is it, how to add or remove collections

Yandex.Collections as a service appeared back in 2016. But then they worked in beta, and the company did not officially present them.

But with the release of a new search algorithm Yandex “Andromeda” Yandex.Collections get a new breath. Moreover, they begin to play a significant role in search in particular, and in promotion in the network in general.

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Let’s take a look at what this service is and how you can use it to your business benefit.

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What is Yandex.Collections

Yandex.Collections is a service where you can save everything that you like in Yandex: links, pictures, videos. Yandex itself positions Collections as “a service for finding inspiration and exchanging ideas.”

Here you can create your own collections of beautiful photographs, look for ideas, for example, a new hairstyle, and even participate in photo contests.

You can organize collections from saved content — for example, by topic — and share them with your friends. If you wish, you can make collections only for yourself, private. Moreover, all “saves” will be available from different devices.

Popular topics in the Collections are recipes, beauty, interiors, nature, travel, clothes and shoes.

The service regularly hosts photo contests. Any user can take part or vote for the work of other members. Only original thematic works that comply with the rules are accepted for photo contests.

Yandex.Collections are very similar to the well-known social network from America – Pinterest. Its founder, Ben Silberman, is a former Google employee who opened the service in 2009. The main point of Pinterest: you can save an interesting picture to your board (pin, “pin”) and create thematic collections from images. Descriptions, recipes, descriptions, and other data can be added to images.

Despite the fact that already in 2015, Pinterest has a monthly audience of 100 million people, the service is not very popular in Russia. Perhaps Yandex.Collections will become a worthy alternative.

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How Yandex Collections work

If you have mail on Yandex, you can use the service.

When you log in for the first time, you see the service recommendations in the feed – those pictures and collections that may be of interest to you. Later, when you already subscribe to other users, your subscriptions will be in the Feed, as well as recommendations based on your interests and pictures on topics of interest to you.

If you are not interested in the topic, or if you do not like the card, you can delete it or hide it.

How Yandex Collections work

Search works inside the service. That is, at any time you can go and look for collections on a specific topic. For example, this is what Collections showed me in response to the request “Cars”:

Collection examples

Collections of other users are visible. Any can be considered and commented on. Here you can also subscribe to a user whose collections you like. Now all his new collections will be in your news feed, but you still have the opportunity to unsubscribe from each individual collection.

How to subscribe to a collection

You can share your favorite collection on other social networks, copy the link or send it to the messenger:

How to share a collection

Collections of other users can be saved to yourself. To do this, just click on the “Add to collection” button:

How to add a photo to your collection

This, by the way, is the easiest way to build your own set of collections.

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How to remove Yandex.Collections

This question is usually asked by users of Yandex Browser, where there is a special icon on the control panel. Not everyone liked this innovation, so let’s figure out how to disable Yandex.Collections.

  1. We go into the Browser settings and find the corresponding tab, next to which it says “Show the Collections button to the right of the tabs”.
  2. We uncheck the box next to this inscription and use the browser further. Now you will not get in the way of the Collections button.

How to create a collection in Yandex

Let’s see how to create collections yourself. This can be done in several ways:

  • “Borrow” from other users (as described above);
  • save from search;
  • save by link;
  • download from computer.

Let us dwell in more detail on each of these methods.

Save from search

Go to Yandex.Collections and click “Add”:

How to create a collection in Yandex

A window opens with a search string in which you can enter the query of interest. For example, “red sea”:

Create a new card

As you can see, the service offers pictures and videos. They can be marked to add to the collection. Then we add the picture we like to either an existing collection, or create a new one:

New collection

Press “New collection”, write its name, description. Here you can set the settings – whether it is private or available to everyone. If you want to hide it from prying eyes – check the box next to “Will be visible only to me.”

Privacy settings

Click “Finish” – and your new collection is created. Now you can add more pictures to it in exactly the same way, only by choosing this collection as the place to save them.

Saving by reference

If you, while browsing the Internet, found a page with beautiful pictures, you can add them to the collection by the link.

Go to Yandex.Collections and click “Add”. Then add a link to the page to the search bar. Yandex will pull up all the pictures on the page. Now you can choose the one you like and add to the collection.

Saving by reference

When you go to the collection saved by the link, you will see there a button to go to the page from which the picture was saved:

Save a picture, music or video to a collection

Save from computer

You can create collections by uploading cards from your computer. Add a new collection and select the “Download from computer” method:

Upload from computer

Select a file on your computer and add it to a new or existing collection.

… and one more option

You can also install a browser extension. Extensions for the browsers Opera, Chrome, Firefox are already available.

With the extension, creating collections is even easier – just click on the Yandex.Collections icon while on the page with the image you like. Then we select an image, write a description and add it to the desired collection.

You can edit your collections (correct the name and descriptions), delete (before that, it is recommended to transfer cards to other collections), replenish with new cards.

Other users can save your collections to themselves, share them on social networks, comment on individual cards.

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How to use Yandex.Collections for promotion

Yandex.Collections is a very interesting, rather entertaining service. How can you use it for promotion?

If you’ve worked with Pinterest before, then you already know what you can do. The basic principles are the same here.

Yandex.Collections is a service based on pictures. Its audience is expected to grow over time. Here they will look for inspiration for interior decoration, gardening, examples of hairstyles and makeup, interesting solutions in clothing and style, design. It is those types of businesses that attract customers with beautiful pictures that can consider Yandex.Collections as another platform for promotion. Travel agencies, beauty salons, sellers of clothing and cosmetics, accessories, flower shops, souvenir shops, furniture stores, landscape designers and interior designers … In short, all those who feel good on Instagram, where everything is also tied to photos. The service is also suitable for those who work in B2B: infographics, checklists can attract the right audience.

And it’s just about time to start to develop vigorous activity here, while the competition is not too high.

How can you benefit from Yandex.Collections:

  • receive additional links to your site, thereby diversifying the site’s link profile. Create various collections through links to your site.
  • receive additional traffic to the site from collections. If the images are attractive and the description encourages to follow the link, users can go to your site directly from the collection.
  • work on brand awareness. Beautiful collections with original photographs will be taken over. In this case, the collection will show who the collection was borrowed from:
    Collection promotion

Create beautiful content that people will want to share and soon more people will know about your company.

You can maintain your account in Yandex.Collections like a page on a social network:

  • Create unique, eye-catching images.
  • Participate in contests.
  • Subscribe yourself to other users.
  • Comment on collections – you may be followed in response.

Also, work on your website. Place on it beautiful photos, videos that would accompany the texts. Create infographics. So you not only diversify the content, but also get a chance that sooner or later someone will want to save a picture or video from your site to the collection, thereby giving you another natural link.

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