Yandex.Zen channel statistics: analysis of readings and other indicators

Analyzing statistics in Yandex Zen allows you to track how your audience reacts to your articles. This helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of publications, their quality and relevance. Knowing which topics and techniques are the most popular, you can correctly draw up a content plan and increase your Zen channel revenue.

In today’s article, you will learn how to view the usual and detailed statistics of the Yandex.Zen channel (including from the phone). What are the main statistics indicators, how to correctly analyze the information received.

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How to view channel statistics in Yandex Zen

Standard statistics

Open your channel in Yandex.Zen, click on your avatar and in the menu that appears, click “Editor”.

After that, you will open a section with the display of cards of your texts. Under each material you can see the data of standard statistics.

Statistics of articles in Yandex Zen

Detailed statistics

To open statistics:

For one post – point the pointer over the article and click “View statistics”.

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For all publications – open the Editor, in the top menu, select the “Statistics” item and indicate the time period for which we want to view the data. There is also sorting by formats: Articles, Galleries or Videos.

The number of readings of articles in Yandex.Zen

Publications and readings

On the first tab “Publications” you can view the statistics of an individual article and the channel as a whole, analyze Yandex.Metrica reports (for this, connect the counter), sort publications by release date and promote articles using additional impressions received for high Karma.

Basic stats in Zen

The following data is available in statistics:

  • Readings – the number of people who have watched the article to the end. This is a key metric for success. The more reads your posts have, the more often they are shown in the feed.
  • Total viewing time – total time of viewing the article in minutes.
  • Average reading time – the average time spent reading.
  • Reading card – shown here when users leave the post.
  • CTR in the feed – clickability of the article in the feed. It is calculated as the ratio of the number of clicks on the card to the number of its impressions in the Zen feed.
  • Impressions – the number of views of the article in the Zen feed.
  • Comments – comments to the publication.
  • Subscriptions after reading – the number of users who subscribed to the channel after reading the article.
  • The number of “Like” marks.

Videos instead of reading “Video views” – the number of users who watched the video.

Channel audience

The next tab is “Channel audience”. This shows the audience data of the channel – those who viewed your articles and the channel subscribers.

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Channel audience in Yandex.Zen

In chapter “The audience»Shows the number of unique users who have read or viewed any of your content, created and published in Zen. The data is updated once a day.

In chapter “Followers»Contains information about the readers who subscribed to your channel.


If you have run ad campaigns on the platform, the data will be collected in this tab.

Product statistics

This tab is for those who use the Market and Beru product widgets. Here, in addition to the basic data on publications, you can find information on the total income from the placement of product widgets for the entire time, the number of clicks for which you will receive a reward and other indicators.

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Zen Channel Efficiency Analysis

Monitoring channel statistics in Yandex Zen gives you an idea of ​​the preferred topics and post sizes. In addition, the obtained data helps to understand whether your previews are interesting, whether the content is relevant to users.

Each indicator is informative and useful in its own way. But let’s focus on key data. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)… The lower the percentage of users who decide to read your article after seeing it in the feed, the worse your preview is. To increase your CTR, improve the appearance of your card. Let the title, image, and summary of your post grab attention.
  • Average time to read an article… To monetize a channel, the indicator must be at least 40 seconds. If your articles do not achieve the desired result, you should dilute the short posts with original images or use other methods of keeping the audience’s attention.
  • Subscriptions after reading… Pay attention to the articles that lead the most subscribers and try to do more such publications.
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Yandex Zen statistics are updated every day. It is important to regularly monitor the indicators, draw conclusions based on them and, if necessary, correct the situation.

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