Yandex.Zen launched the Aurora program to support budding bloggers

Yandex.Zen announced a program to support new authors – “Aurora”. Olga Sevastyanova, Yandex.Dzen manager, spoke about this at Zen.Monday, held on May 25.

The program is currently running in test mode. We figure out what participation in it gives and what requirements are imposed on channels and authors.

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What is “Aurora” in Yandex.Zen and how it will work

“Aurora” is a program to support copyright channels that have existed in Zen for less than three months. Contributing authors will receive:

  • Priority support… For two months, Zen support staff monitor the blogger’s progress, provide content tips and technical advice on channel management.
  • Promotion… When a channel’s organic performance improves, Zen credits an additional 50K impressions for each post for two weeks in a row.

To participate in the Aurora program, you must submit an application.

Channel requirements

  • Created no more than three months ago.
  • Published at least 10 materials.
  • The design of the channel and cards follows the Zen rules.
  • Updated regularly, at least once a week. Edited and duplicated publications are not considered new.
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If a single author has multiple channels, they can also be verified for compliance. There should be no violations on any channel either at the time of verification or during the entire participation in the program.

Requirements for publications

Follow the general rules of Zen.

  • The text of the articles does not contain errors and is of high quality.
  • Original copyright content is welcome. The author not only retells news or stories, but also gives readers new useful information: facts from trusted and authoritative sources, expert opinions; includes elements of investigation or interview, high-quality photographs, illustrations and videos in publications
  • There is no hate speech and negative abuse in publications. This does not mean a ban on emotional submission of material, but Zen does not approve of applications from channels if the titles and brief descriptions of the publications contain harsh statements and attacks.

The author may be refused if his publications are difficult to give an objective assessment. This applies, for example, to publications on religious, astrological, esoteric topics, texts of political organizations, as well as fiction and poetry.

If during the time of participation in the program the channel gains 500 subscribers, he can apply for participation in “Nirvana”. Participation in the program is free.

Previously, Yandex.Zen allowed authors to make money by placing product widgets in articles.

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