Yandex Zen launches video ads and simplifies monetization rules

Now Yandex.Zen authors will be able to make money not only on articles, but also on videos. Zen launches system testing for video ad placement.

Soon, this type of earnings will be available to authors with connected monetization and channels where videos are published.

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  • Ad units will appear in videos longer than 2 minutes.
  • At the first stage, ads will be seen only by users who enter Zen from a computer.
  • So far, there are two types of placements available: a static banner and a block with simple animation.
  • Advertising will match the interests of the user.
  • The type of ad will be determined by the advertiser.
  • The income will go to the blogger’s balance on the same principle as the income from advertising in articles.

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Monetization – time will be taken into account instead of readings

The rules for connecting monetization to Yandex.Zen have also been updated. Previously, to connect advertising, channel publications had to score at least 7000 reads in seven days in articles with an average reading time of 40 seconds. From next week, Zen will take into account the total time users have spent in both videos and articles.

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Monetization kicks in when the blogger’s channel read and watch time reaches 10,000 minutes in 7 consecutive days. Compared to the previous metric, 7,000 reads is about 12,000 minutes of reading. That is, now it has become easier to achieve monetization.

Bloggers will be able to track the progress of the indicator in the editor.

Now there are more than 4,000 video bloggers on the platform, who create about 10,000 videos per week.

As a reminder, Zen recently turned off narratives.

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