Yandex.Zen tests live broadcasts

The first Yandex.Zen bloggers have already successfully tried streams, and gradually this format will become available to everyone. If you want to take part in testing live broadcasts, leave a request.

Zen streams will become another way for bloggers to communicate with their audience. And users will be able to find out who is creating interesting content, will be able to ask questions and suggest new topics.

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How live broadcasts will work in Yandex.Zen

  • At the first stage, streams will be available on the desktop. In the future, they will appear in the mobile version of the site and in the Zen application, as well as in the Yandex search application.
  • On the desktop, streams will work through the OBS service.
  • The broadcasts will be checked by moderation, so users will be able to connect to the stream 10 minutes after the start. Verification will run faster in the future.
  • You can only play music that you own the rights to or that is licensed under a free license.
  • Users will see the live streaming card directly in the Zen feed and in the blogger’s channel. Later, the blogger’s subscribers will receive notifications about the start of the stream.
  • There will be no monetization of broadcasts yet.
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Earlier Yandex.Zen launched galleries, and also added a new way of monetization – the placement of goods from Joom.

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