Yandex.Zen updates: microblogging, comments and promotion

The latest Yandex.Zen updates eloquently indicate that the platform is systematically moving towards a social network format. Zen launched microblogging, allowed to comment on materials and launch promotion.

And now about everything about this in a little more detail.

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What’s new in Yandex.Zen


In July 2018, the platform will make the new short note format available to all authors. Small posts, up to 200 characters long, will be included in the users’ feed along with full-fledged publications. You can add pictures and colored backgrounds to posts.

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In addition, all users who have a Yandex account will now be able to leave comments on publications in Zen. Spammy and obscene comments will be automatically filtered out. The authors of the articles themselves will be able to turn off comments to individual publications.

Promotion of publications

There was also a promotion of publications. You can get additional impressions in 2 ways: in the form of bonuses and for cash (only for brands).

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Creators of channels with high karma rates will receive bonuses in the form of impressions. Received bonuses can be used as payment for additional coverage. Bonuses cannot be spent and monetized in any other way.

Karma Yandex Zen

For channels on behalf of brands, you can do the same, but only for money.

Also from the latest news, it is worth highlighting the appearance of an advertising format “Application collection” VKontakte and showing rating of organizations in Yandex search results

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