Yandex Zen video bloggers will be able to earn on product reviews

We already wrote that recently Yandex.Zen launched social commerce and provided bloggers with the opportunity to make money on product widgets in articles.

Now video bloggers can do the same. When publishing the video, you can add a link to the products of Yandex.Market and the Beru marketplace.

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How product widgets will work in Yandex.Zen video

At the first stage, you can add one product to the video. It will also be possible to indicate the moment of its appearance in the video. It is better not to put the widget at the very beginning of the video: the user needs time to understand whether the product is interesting to him. They are more likely to click on the widget if they learn about the benefits of the product you’re talking about in the introduction.

Requirements for widgets: the video should contain a review of exactly the product that appears in the widget. We have described the requirements in more detail in our help.

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What will they pay for: Yandex.Market pays for users ‘clicks to online stores and clicks on their phone numbers, and Beru pays for orders that users place after switching from Zen bloggers’ articles.

How to track results: to view statistics, click on the “Statistics” button and go to the “Products” tab.

Who can access product widgets in a video: at the testing stage, links in the video are available to participants in the Nirvana program, channels that previously installed Yandex.Market widgets and test participants.

Earlier in Zen, he launched the Aurora program to support budding bloggers, and also began testing two new formats – galleries and stories.

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