Yandex.Zen will have two new formats – galleries and stories

Yandex Zen began testing two new formats – galleries and stories. They are suitable for bloggers who create visual content with little text. And users will be able to get to know the authors of interesting channels better.

There will be no monetization for galleries and stories yet, but in the future it will.

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Stories in Yandex.Zen

Stories are a well-known and very popular format in the media, which is now available in Zen. Bloggers of the platform can publish their photos and videos up to 15 seconds in length in stories. The story disappears 24 hours after publication.

Why create stories? For bloggers, this is a good way to communicate informally with the audience. Readers and viewers will be interested to know who writes interesting articles for them and shoots exciting videos. With the help of stories, authors will be able to tell subscribers about themselves and their hobbies, share news, and announce a new publication. And in the future, when interactive tools become available in stories, it will be possible to conduct surveys and collect feedback.

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The stories will appear above the main feed in the Zen mobile app. They will be shown to the regular audience of the channel – to those who subscribe to it or frequently visit it from the feed.

The stories will be launched gradually: at the first stage, they will be seen by a part of the audience of the Zen app for Android, and several hundred bloggers of the platform will be able to create stories. But over time, the format will become available to all mobile users.

Galleries in Yandex.Zen

Gallery in Zen is a series of pictures, to each of which you can add a description and a link. Each gallery can contain up to 10 pictures, and the amount of text in the description is up to 1000 characters. Galleries can be viewed directly in the Zen feed.

Galleries in Yandex.Zen

Who are the galleries for? First of all, for those who like to tell stories in pictures. For example, you can create a gallery with a step-by-step guide to landscaping an apartment, publish a small comic strip, photo essay, or DIY instructions. In general, any material in which text and illustration are a single whole.

At the first stage, the gallery will be able to create a part of Zen bloggers, but during the summer the format will be available to all users of the platform. For now, only pictures can be inserted into the gallery, videos and gifs will appear later.

At the first stage of the story, audiences of Android smartphones will be available, and galleries will be available to Android users and part of the iOS audience. Please update Zen app to version 6.5.0 for them to appear. If you already have the latest version, re-login.

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Earlier Yandex.Zen launched the Aurora program to support novice bloggers, as well as product widgets.

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