You can now add the “Comments” sticker to your VKontakte history

Now you can add a new “Comments” sticker to your VKontakte history. This can be done using a special mini-application “Comments” in the mobile application and desktop version.

Let’s figure out how to add the “Comments” sticker to the VK history and how to use it correctly.

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How to add the “Comments” sticker to the VK history

Step 1… Go to the Comments widget and launch it –

Step 2… At the first visit, you will need to scroll through the training slides and finally click on “Create story”.

Step 3… Write your question on a special sticker. Formulate the question to get as many answers as possible. Use a call to action.

Comments on VK stories

Step 4… Finish your story and click Publish. You can add a photo or video to a story, change the background color, make inscriptions, and more.

Sticker Comments VK

Done! Now, if someone comments on your story, you will receive a corresponding notification.

Earlier, VKontakte launched the Clips section, and also added the New Clients option in dynamic retargeting.

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