You can now attach links to VK videos

You can now attach links to VK videos! These can be product collections, polls, reviews, articles that will open directly from your videos. So far, the update is only available to Business Pages, which have more than 50 thousand subscribers.

You can add links to videos in the VKontakte mobile application. So far, you can add a link only to uploaded videos. How exactly to do this is described below.

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How to attach a link to a video in VK: step by step instructions

You can attach links to VK videos if:

  • Installed the latest version of the VKontakte application.
  • You can edit the video to which you want to attach a link.
  • You have a profile or community with a verification mark or Prometheus fire.
  • A community with more than 300 thousand subscribers.
  • Business page with 50 thousand members;
  • Event from a thousand subscribers;
  • Community with podcasts.

In the future, the innovation will become available to a wider range of users. Also, please note that you cannot attach a link to a specific moment in the video.
– only to the entire video at once.

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How to add a link to a video

  1. Open the “Video” section in the VKontakte mobile application on your personal page or in the community that you administer.
  2. Click on the three dots next to the video to which you want to attach a link.
  3. Tap Add Link.

Select the type of link you need – we will tell you more about each of them below.

  • Add link… Suitable if you need to attach a direct link to materials from VKontakte. For example, a personal page or community, an article or widget, a post, a product, or a survey. The link can be pasted from the clipboard. To add a user or community, it is convenient to use their short address and search by name or title.
  • Add a note… Allows you to attach a post from the profile or community in which the video is uploaded. You do not need to copy the link, as in the first paragraph, you just need to select the desired post among all posted on the wall.
    Link to post in VK
  • Add product… Use to attach a link to a VKontakte product that you previously bookmarked. Here you can also select the offers that you saved in the AliExpress widget. This option differs from adding a product via a direct link only in the attachment method.
    Link to VK product
  • Add poll… With this option, you will create a poll in VK and attach it to the video. If you want to add an already published vote – your own or another author’s, select the “Add link” item.
    Link to the poll in VK

To remove or replace a link in a video, click on the icon with the attached material and select the appropriate item. Be careful: link statistics will be reset and cannot be restored.

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How the link is displayed in the video

In the mobile app

When subscribers come across your video in the news feed, they will notice a material icon in the lower left corner of the player. It is selected automatically depending on the type of content added. By clicking on the icon, viewers will follow the link.

What a link looks like from a phone

The link will be visible even if the viewer expands the video to full screen. In this case, a short description will appear to the right of the icon: for example, “Read article” or “Open post”. It is not yet possible to change the text displayed on the link button.

On the computer

The link will be displayed when watching the video in the lower right corner of the player, but only if the video is open in a layer or expanded to full screen. It is not yet possible to change the description text.

Link on computer

Please note that the link in the video will not be visible if you promote the recording with it through the advertising account – in such cases, it will be labeled “Advertising record”. At the same time, users who meet your video organically – notice it in the news feed, find it in recommendations, or simply go to your page – they see the attached link.

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In the statistics for the attached link, you can see:

  • link impressions – how many times viewers saw the link in the video. Non-unique displays are considered both in icon format and in full form (with description);
    Link Clicks – how many times viewers have opened the link from the video. The number of non-unique transitions is displayed;
  • transitions / impressions – link conversion within the video: the ratio of the number of clicks on the link to the number of its impressions.
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Video link statistics

To find out all this, open the VKontakte mobile application and find the video to which the link was added. Click on the icon of the attached material and select “Statistics”.

Previously, VKontakte made it easier to get a checkmark and allowed all groups to post stories.

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