YouTube channel avatar – how to make a cool avatar

The YouTube channel avatar is no different from the same icon on other social networks. It helps the channel owner to stand out, and the viewers – to remember and quickly find the familiar channel, among others. A bright picture is a must for novice video bloggers: it will be remembered by users who may become your subscribers in the future.

In the article, we will analyze the basic requirements for avatars for YouTube channels, free sources of ready-made avatars, as well as ways to create yourself. Go!

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How to create a YouTube channel: step by step instructions

YouTube channel avatar – what is it

If a person is watching your video, they can find the icon below the main window. By clicking on it, the user will go to the main page of the channel. It will be located at the very top left in the form of a small square.

Also, the avatar will be displayed in the search results, next to the name, if the user has set a filter to search for channels.

If it is not installed, the system uses the photo set in the Google profile. Some people make the mistake of leaving a regular Google profile photo. The avatar should be bright and memorable so that it can be easily found among other channels. If viewers use the video without a backlink, viewers will only see the channel name or main icon. The corporate logo will quickly be remembered by them, you will be easy to find.

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Official statistics:

  • 40% of users install a photo;
  • 40% – a unique logo;
  • 10% – a drawn character, ideally suited to the game channels;
  • 5% – any picture downloaded in a couple of minutes from the Internet;
  • 5% – an incomprehensible image.

Let’s take a look at the photo and logo, which together make up 80%. The choice of a photo as the ava of the channel is explained by the desire of users create and promote a personal brand, increase awareness.

The logo, as an avatar, is used by brands that publish reviews of their products on YouTube or themed content. This is the right decision, because the logo will be used on the website, the official group in social networks, which will lead viewers to the store’s channel.

Basic requirements: avatar format and size

The administration does not allow the use of celebrity photos, images of various works of art as avatars The system may not allow this option or delete it after a while.

How to properly design a YouTube channel

When creating an icon, you must adhere to the following requirements:

  • the system accepts files in JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP format, but prohibits the use of animated GIFs;
  • the recommended size is 800×800 pixels;
  • the icon can be round or square;
  • when the avatar is compressed to a size of 98×98 pixels, it must be distinguishable.

It is advisable not to install pictures downloaded from the Internet. Most likely, they are already used by several dozen more people, because of which your channel will no longer be unique. Your resource will become more popular, the owner of the image may find out about it and ask to remove it, which will lead to a decrease in viewers’ trust. If you have a game channel, feel free to use drawn characters that are very popular with viewers. Any other serious channel is better off setting its own photo, rendered picture or logo.

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An example of a stylized avatar
An example of a stylized avatar – SNAILKICK channel

Where to download ready-made avatars for free

If you still use the downloaded picture as an avatar, then try to find a more or less unique image.

This will help you using search in images of Google and Yandex by keywords translated into another language, Italian or Spanish. The issue will distinguish and there is a chance to find pictures that are not used in the Russian segment of the Internet. Also, use synonyms and associations when searching, rather than a direct keyword.

Another effective way is groups in VK… It is in this social network that there are a huge number of groups offering to download ready-made versions of icons for YouTube. It differs from the first option in a limited choice of formats and resolutions. Often these groups offer the same format and size.

But in our opinion, the best sources of free images that can be used as an ava YouTube channel is social network Pinterest… There is an endless amount of original art in its open spaces, which if you do not use it in finished form, then at least be inspired by ideas.

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How to make an avatar for a YouTube channel

Making a ready-made avatar from scratch is quite a difficult task. It is necessary to be able to correctly select the outgoing size, use certain fonts, so that when compressed to a size of 98×98 pixels, the image is distinguishable. If you have special skills, you can use Corel or Photoshop. But not everyone knows how to work in Corel or Photoshop, and this is not necessary. If you don’t have the skills to work with graphic editors, make an avatar with Canva.

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First go to home page site: and activate a 30 day trial period. Later, you can unsubscribe and use the service for free!

After registration, select “Use custom sizes”. Then, as described above, set the recommended resolution to 800 x 800 pixels.

Further, you can upload several of your images and create a unique avatar from them. Or buy a ready-made version – the price starts from $ 1.

Sample YouTube avatar made in Canva
Sample YouTube avatar made in Canva

But if you only need a unique avatar, then contact the designer for drawing. You do not need to spend time and effort to create a unique option, a professional with special skills and vast experience will do it for you. Just choose a master carefully, paying attention to reviews about his work, portfolio, and not just the price.

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How to put an avatar of a YouTube channel

After choosing a suitable image with a size of no more than 800 pixels, you need to go to the main page of the video hosting. Go to the home page of your channel.

How to put an avatar of a YouTube channel

An avatar is shown in the left corner, which will be visible to the user when they visit your channel. In the right – a photo displayed in comments and video recordings on other resources. If you hover the mouse over the picture in the square, a camera icon and a tooltip will appear. After clicking on it, you will automatically go to your Google + profile.

Important! Google and YouTube profiles are linked. You change your Google + profile picture, after a few minutes the YouTube icon is installed.

You will only have the Upload Photo button. Click on it, select the file. When loading a non-square image, you will need to select the visible area. Keep in mind that the channel’s avatar is displayed in a circle, so the selected image must fit perfectly into the circle. Then ava will look aesthetically pleasing.

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