YouTube channel strategy: choosing the format and vector of development

You need to decide on a strategy even before how to create a YouTube channel, in order to clearly understand what kind of content it will contain, what it is dedicated to, how often it will be published, and so on.

In essence, the strategy for a YouTube channel is how it will benefit in the future. Simply put, in what form you will receive dividends from your channel. There are two main options – channel monetization (official + advertising integrations) and attracting customers to your services.

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Thus, two main strategies can be distinguished:

  1. Blogger – you yourself become a brand, a company, and a business. For this path, it is important to have not only a certain set of knowledge, but also charisma, the ability to express one’s thoughts, contact with the viewer and many other skills.
  2. Business. The path of business on YouTube is primarily about information and advertising support, so you, as the owner, do not have to be involved in the filming process. Actors or employees can be filmed, and separate specialists should be involved in writing scripts, filming, editing and promoting the YouTube channel. Of course, if the business is small, in the beginning you will have to do everything yourself.
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Of course, each direction is divided into several more characteristic subtypes, which we will consider further.

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YouTube channel strategy

Blogger formats

For those who have decided to become a blogger, you can choose one of the following niches.


Reviews are made on significant news in a certain niche, films, world events, in show business or on YouTube itself. New content is released only in case of a significant news feed, otherwise the video will not be interesting to anyone.

Examples of channels: BadComedian, Sokoloff Tv, WylsaCom, Academeg.


You shoot everything that happens to you and around you and share it with the audience. For this format, you need to lead a very active lifestyle so that there is always new material for content.

Examples of channels: Khach’s diary, Larin.


These include clips of novice artists, web series and, most importantly, sketches and parodies when small humorous sketches are made. One of the most difficult formats that requires a team: actors, screenwriters, director, cameraman + equipment.

Examples of channels: HONEY, Room Factory, Satyr.


Now one of the popular formats of YouTube channels are talk shows, when stars are invited to visit and they are interviewed in a comic or serious format or they discuss any topic or problem. Various rap battles are also of great interest.

Talk show on youtube

Examples of channels: vDud, GazLive, Versus.

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Business format

Educational content

Videos with clear teaching implications are being posted, come here, click there and you will get the result. Most often they are typical for online services or software.

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Video lessons

Examples of channels: SocialKit, School 1C, Tilda Publishing.


You just talk about how your product and your business works. Or any additional information that will be useful to your current or potential clients.

Examples of channels: Tinkoff Bank.

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There are so many options, which direction to choose?

We presented you with the main formats that can be adapted to almost any product or idea – be it a channel for children or a beauty blog.

Choose what interests you. Only in this way, you can fully invest and do something interesting and truly unique.

Even if you are a company owner who will not participate in the life of a YouTube channel in any way, it will be much better if you yourself have a genuine interest in it. Only then will it be useful for the viewer and an effective channel for attracting customers for you.

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