YouTube Creative Studio: what it is, how to enter and how to work

YouTube Creative Studio is a channel dashboard with many tools. With the help of the creative studio, you can track comments on your posts, statistics, modify videos and much more.

Let’s figure out the whole set of features and tell you what you should pay attention to first.

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How to enter a creative studio on YouTube

In order to go to the channel settings, you need to go to the creative studio:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your channel icon and go to the “Creative Studio” section.
  3. You will see a menu with channel settings, access to statistics, comments, and so on.
    What is a creative studio

What is a creative studio and how to work in it

Creative Studio is a tab on YouTube that channel owners can use to track statistics, edit their videos, change channel information.

Upon entering the creative studio, a large set of tools opens up in front of you. We will consider the most important for bloggers:

  1. Control Panel.
  2. Video manager.
  3. YouTube Analytics.
  4. Community.
  5. Channel.

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Control Panel

In the “Control Panel” tab, you can see new notifications about the channel’s work, the number of views and subscribers, information about the last 4 videos, comments to videos. In order to view data on all videos, you need to click on the “View all” button and you will automatically be taken to the “Video Manager” section.

You can also track statistics for the last 28 days on the number of views, subscribers and channel income.

If you want to change the interface of the toolbar, you need to click on the “Add widget” button.

Add widget

In order to change the widget itself, you must click on the gear icon next to the selected plate.

How to change the widget


The “Video Manager” section is one of the main ones on YouTube, with its help you can edit videos and playlists. By opening this tab, all videos posted on the channel will appear. You can sort this list: by publication date, number of views, privacy, presence of advertising.

Video section

To change one or several videos, you must select them by clicking on the square located to the left of the video clip. After that, click on the “Actions” button, and you can apply the changes to your videos: place advertising breaks, select a placement license, change access parameters, descriptions, titles and tags of your publications. You can also delete videos from the channel here.

Channel video actions

By clicking on the “Add to” button, you can add your videos to the playlists available on the channel by checking the boxes next to them. To create a new playlist, select the most recent menu item.

How to create a playlist

You can search your videos by typing a title or keyword. To search, you should click on the magnifying glass and you will see all the publications by your request. Also, by scrolling down, you can go to other pages if more than 30 videos are found on your request. And on this page you can change them, as described above.

YouTube Analytics

This is one of the important functions of your creative studio, here you can see channel reports. This is the largest section with many tabs. Below are the most important blogger tabs.

YouTube Analytics


In this tab, you can view statistics on your channel for a specified period of time by clicking on the button next to the calendar. If you click on the calendar, then you can select the dates you are interested in. This page displays the video viewing time in minutes, their number, average viewing in minutes, income. Slightly below on the graphs you can see the number of “like”, “dislike” marks, the number of comments, the growth of subscribers. You can also see the number of shares of your videos, the regions in which the videos are watched, who watches your content (women, men), play locations and traffic sources. All this can be viewed both on the channel in its entirety and by selecting individual videos.

Attendance overview

Real time data

How many views your videos are gaining right now. This will display graphs of all videos in your channel, sorted by date added. By clicking on the “Content search” field, you can write the name of the video about which you want to receive detailed information or select from the drop-down list by title. On the right, the blue chart is your views in the last 48 hours, on the left, green is your views in the last hour. Below these tables, you can select the “Device Type” tab and there will be information about where your records are viewed from: PC, phone, tablet. Next, the “Operating system” button, where you can see from which platform the viewers are watching videos, and under the “Location” button, information is given about the countries where the viewers of your channel are gathered. Below are the latest videos and detailed information about them.

Real time data


In this tab, you can see your income, it is usually displayed for the last 28 days, but this interval can be changed by dragging the slider at the bottom of the graph.

Channel income

Watch time

The total minutes of views are displayed here, they are shown in the graph, and below is the analytics for each video in text format.

Watch time

Audience retention

You can see up to what minute viewers watch videos. Above is the average view in minutes and percentage.

Audience retention

Traffic sources

Every blogger is interested in where users watch his videos. You can see the multi-colored graph and below the explanations what color means. As a rule, videos get the most views from recommended or related videos.

Traffic sources

End screensavers

This section provides information on the effectiveness of end screens. There is a blue circle on the graph next to each date, and by clicking on it, you get information on the transitions for each day. Below you will find information about each video.

End screensavers


This the section is necessary for communication of the channel author with co-authors and subscribers, here you can track comments, private messages and more. For beginner YouTubers, only two sections are important: “comments” and “subscribers”.

Comments on YouTube


Here you will see the last comments that were left under the videos. You can answer them, put “like”, “dislike”, mark them as important by clicking on the heart. You can delete a comment, send it to spam or complain about the user, using the icons that are located next to the video image. This tab also contains information about spam and comments that are pending. Here you will find a search by comments.

Likes and dislikes of the channel


Who has subscribed to you recently, but there is information only about those subscribers who have not hidden their privacy. Next to each user there is information about their number of subscriptions and the ability to subscribe to them. The top also shows how many subscribers you have on the channel.

Subscribers overview


The “Channel” tab contains all the settings for your account. You can disable and enable features, check channel status, and more.


Status and functions

This section provides copyright information and compliance with YouTube’s community guidelines. If there are no violations, then a joyful smiley on a red background is lit. If there are any violations, then in this tab it will be written about them, and the icon will change to a sad smile. Here you can also enable or disable: the ability to download videos, conduct live broadcasts, upload your own image for an icon, add videos over 15 minutes in duration, select private access, connect to monetization.

In the same section, a channel’s own URL is assigned if it has reached a certain number of subscribers and views. Now it is possible to add links from third-party resources in annotations, for example, your website or a group on VKontakte and other social networks. If you are connected to the media network, then there will be information about the name of the affiliate program and the date of connection, this information is located at the very top.

Channel status and functions


This tab contains information about whether you are connected to the media network and answers to the most common questions about advertising.

Upload video

In this tab, you can set video download settings. In the privacy settings, you can choose open access or limited. Under the arrow “Categories” there is a large list of topics to which you can refer your channel, for example, animals, blogs, sports, video games, etc. unloading. You can also create a general description and tags that will be automatically inserted. Below you can set up ad breaks and sort comments for your videos.

Upload video

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Form style

Under this tab, you can add an icon for your channel that will be broadcast on all videos. Also, in the settings, you can set at what time the icon will appear: always, at the end of the video, or only at the present time.

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The country of residence and the channel keywords are selected here. It is possible to disable the display of ads. Also at the very bottom, you can enable or disable the display of the number of subscribers and your account in the recommended channels.

Instead of a conclusion

YouTube is the most widely used video uploading and blogging platform. But in order to fully use it, you need to study all its tools. The Creative Studio contains all the information for managing the channel and communicating with the audience.

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