YouTube has added the ability to shoot video responses to comments on Shorts


YouTube will allow you to record video responses to comments under your Shorts.

The new option will allow you to quickly go to the creation of Shorts in response to a comment under the video. At the same time, the comment itself will show up in the video as a sticker.

How to record a video response to a comment in Shorts

You can only post a video response in response to a comment under your Shorts. Under other people’s videos, you can’t reply to comments with a video.

  • Step 1: Under any clip, select the comment to which you want to record a video response. Click on the comment icon below it and in the box that appears on the right, click on the Shorts icon.
  • Step 2: The recording window will open and here you can record Shorts in your usual way and use all the editor features. This is also where you can change the location of the commentary sticker on the screen.
  • Step 3: At the end, add the title, description and hashtags, specify the necessary settings under the clip and publish the video response in Shorts format. Done!


This feature is essentially analogous to TikTok video replies and video replies to comments on Reels.

In this way, YouTube aims to incorporate more and more interactive features from TikTok into Shorts, which is certainly part of TikTok’s success at giving viewers the experience of interacting with the author.

From today, the new option will be available to all creators in the iOS app, with an Android launch to follow in the coming weeks.

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