YouTube Hints: What It Is and How to Add a Hint to Your Video

YouTube Hints is a good way to promote YouTube videos. A tool that replaced annotations. Their main difference is that they are shown not only on PCs, but also on phones, which makes them more effective. Below are some of the different ways you can use tooltips in videos.

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What is YouTube Tip

Tooltips are clickable pop-up elements in the upper right corner that appear while watching a video on Youtube. There are several types of YouTube tips.

  1. The most common type of clue is video or playlist. In the upper corner, the name of the recommended content from the channel author pops up.
  2. If you are advertising another channel, only the teaser that you wrote in the description will appear in the tooltip. In order to see a preview of the channel and detailed information about it, you need to open the tips menu.
  3. A hint in the form of a survey appears in the same way as a video, only its name is written. If you want to vote, then you need to click on the exclamation mark and leave your vote.
    Poll hint
  4. Hints with a link to the site. Add to hint call to actionto increase the number of transitions.
    Hint with a link to the site

If you click on the exclamation mark in the right corner, you can see all the tips located in the video.

How to see all the tips in a video on YouTube

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How to make a hint in a YouTube video

To add clues to your videos, do the following:

Step 1. Go to “YouTube Creative Studio“.

Step 2. Go to the “Video Manager” section and click on the first section.

How to make a hint in a YouTube video

Select the video where you want to put tips and click on “Edit”.

Step 3. You will see a menu where you need to select “Hints”. Click on the blue button “Add a hint”.

Add hint

Below, under the video, you can see the timing and places where these tools are already placed. Next, we will look at creating different types of prompts.

Video or playlist

By clicking on the first button, you can select content from the available on the channel or insert a link if you are advertising another channel. After that, you need to click on the blue button below and save the changes.

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After clicking on the button, a menu will appear where you can add a link or find a channel by searching on YouTube. In addition to the fact that someone else’s channel will appear in your videos, you can write a message and a teaser that will attract your subscribers to switch to another account.

How to make a survey hint

Having made a survey on your video, you need to write a question for viewers and answer options. By clicking on “Edit” you can still write the teaser text. If you need to write more than 2 options, click on “Add an answer option”.

How to make a survey hint


Recently, Youtube partners can add links to external sites. You can link not only to your personal website or store, but also to charity events and fundraisers.

How to add a link to a YouTube video

Important! Hints are saved automatically, you can arrange them and close the video manager page.

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How to remove a tip from a Youtube video

If you decide to remove a hint from your video, go to the same section as when adding it.

  1. Click on the button with a pencil on the hint you want to delete.
    How to remove a tip from a Youtube video
  2. Click on the button with the basket and the hint will be removed from the video.
    Video or playlist

How to see how effective the prompts are

If you decide to check whether the tips are effective, you need to go to the “YouTube Analytics»And see graphs, where you can see how many transitions were for a certain period of time.

How to see how effective the prompts are

Click on this report to see the statistics of clicks on tips. And by hovering over the peaks, you can see their number for a specific day. Below the graph are videos in descending order depending on the number of transitions. There you can also see in percentage how effective this tool is on your channel.

Examples of using

Below are some examples of how tips are used to promote videos:

Example 1. DLooking for product reviews from your online store? Attach a link to the product card. If the viewer is interested in the product, he can immediately go to it and order. It will not be superfluous to duplicate the link in the video description.

Examples of using hints

Example 2. You are the owner of a large channel and decided to introduce a new category, but you do not know whether the viewers will like it or not. Ask this question to your subscribers in one of the videos. Make 3-5 answers.

Example 3. You have created a second channel and want to quickly develop it, just put a link to it in the tips and tell a little about the new channel in your videos. Subscribers, seeing a hint in the corner, will be able to click on it and go to a new channel, and if they are interested, subscribe to it. You can also link to a third party channel if you are promoting it.

Example 4. Sell ​​ads in tips. For example, this is done by the Youtuber channel, hosted by Eric Youtuber.

In conclusion, I would like to give some effective tips on how to apply tips to develop your channel:

  • do not add more than 5 tips to the video;
  • when placing them, select the most profitable time period, for example, in the video you talk about your other videos, it would be advisable to insert a link to this content so that viewers understand what is at stake;
  • be sure to place tips in popular videos to promote your channel.
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