YouTube Launches New Video Chapters Feature

YouTube is launching a new Video Chapters feature, and audience activity information is now available to all creators.

Knowing When Your YouTube Audience Is Online – The When Your Viewers Watch YouTube Videos section in Analytics is now available to all users. The new metric shows when your audience is most active on the platform.

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The tool began to be introduced gradually, but now it is available to all authors.

Also, a new option “Video Chapters” or “Movie Chapters” will appear soon. With its help, it will be possible to divide the video into segments depending on the time you entered. You can add a title for each chapter in a YouTube video.

In some videos on the platform, you may have already seen such a division – it is highlighted in the video playback bar.

How to add chapters to YouTube videos

To add video chapters to your YouTube videos, you need:

  • put the first mark in the video description from 0:00;
  • add at least three timestamps or chapters;
  • make each chapter 10 seconds or more.
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Users can opt out of the new segmentation with chapters by changing the first timestamp under the video to something other than 0:00.

Earlier YouTube announced the launch of the new format and Brand Lift on TV screens.

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