YouTube Music has announced the official release of podcasts in the United States.


Podcasts will be available on Android, iOS, and the web version. Now it will be possible not only to watch a video version of podcasts on YouTube, but also to listen to them in YouTube Music.

You will be able to listen to podcasts offline (if you have a Premium subscription) and in the background, as well as easily switch between audio and video versions.

Podcasts in YouTube Music will be available whether you have a YouTube Premium subscription or not.

There will also be a new “Podcasts” tab on the YouTube Music page that will have a feed of podcasts. The feed will show your subscriptions and recommendations.

If the podcast consists only of an audio track, YouTube advises you to upload a video with a static image, use an audiogram or another video format. YouTube notes that writers will soon have the ability to directly upload podcasts via RSS feeds on both YouTube and YouTube Music.

However, the company did not say when podcasts will be available to all users.

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