YouTube revealed details of its recommendation algorithm

YouTube talked about how the video recommendation algorithm works and how various factors affect it.

At the moment, it is known that getting into YouTube recommendations is influenced by such factors as click-through rate, watch time, number of likes / dislikes, comments, video novelty and frequency of new videos appearing on the channel.

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How YouTube algorithms work

In the new video, the developers in the format of answers to user questions, discuss factors such as inbound traffic, ineffective video, inactive subscribers, too frequent downloads, and more.

Ineffective videos… If one of the videos on a channel is ineffective, will it hurt the entire channel?

YouTube does not rate the channel as a whole based on the performance of multiple videos. What matters to YouTube is how people react to a particular video and decide whether to recommend it to users. If a video engages an audience, it will show up in recommendations no matter how effective the previous videos on the channel are.

Too many downloads per day… Does a large number of new videos per day / week on the channel influence your getting into recommendations? Will the algorithm miss some of the videos?

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There is no limit on the number of videos that the algorithm will show in recommendations to a specific viewer from a channel in one day. Authors can upload as many videos as they want. The number of views of each video depends on the preferences of the viewers. YouTube’s recommendation system will continue to recommend videos as long as viewers keep watching them.

At the same time, there is a limit on the number of notifications sent per day: no more than 3 notifications from one channel within 24 hours.

Inactive subscribers… If a channel has existed for several years, it can accumulate many inactive subscribers. Do I need to create a new YouTube channel in this case and re-upload the video there?

Inactive subscribers are not a factor in YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. A video from a channel with inactive subscribers can still be shown in the recommendation section if it attracts an audience. Creating a new channel and re-uploading the same videos will not help show those videos to more people.

You can only create a new channel if you decide to change the subject of your videos.

External traffic… How important is external traffic?

External traffic is a factor in YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. Inbound traffic can help a video get featured in recommendations, but once YouTube starts recommending a video, it needs to be effective. The success of a video depends on how people react to it.

If you have a lot of traffic from external websites, which leads to a drop in CTR and average browsing time, then this is not reflected in impressions in recommendations. It’s important to YouTube that viewers engage with the video after they click on it in their recommendations.

You can learn more about all this in the video:

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Earlier, YouTube updated its channel validation rules and added audience retention metrics to its statistics.

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