YouTube Rewind 2018: Most Popular Videos of the Year

Google has unveiled the traditional YouTube Rewind 2018, which lists the most popular 2018 YouTube videos in the world.

In a traditional video, the most popular bloggers share their impressions with the most memorable music of the year. Captured the platform’s top trends for 2018, with lots of references to the video game Fortnite, Korean pop music, and Canadian rapper Drake.

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When choosing the most popular videos, Google took into account the number and total time of views, the number of transfers, comments, likes, etc.

Top 10 most watched videos in Russia in 2018:

1. Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karibidis – Show “Best of All”
2. Ivleeva – about Aljay, sex and plastic / vDud
3. “You are super!”: Diana Ankudinova, 14 years old, Togliatti. Derniere Danse
4. [BadComedian] – Upward Movement (Plagiarism or great truth?)
5. Comedy Club – Passport Office
6. Nagiyev – pensions, Voice, a poem in the Kremlin / vDud
7. House arrest. Episode 1
8. LEAGUE OF BAD JOKES # 10 | Garik Kharlamov x Philip Kirkorov
10. Danila Poperechny: “UNFIRMED” | Stand-up concert [2018]

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Top 10 most popular music videos in Russia in 2018:

1. LITTLE BIG – SKIBIDI (official music video)
2. Egor Creed feat. Philip Kirkorov – The color of the mood is black
3. Timati feat. Egor Creed – Guchi (video premiere, 2018)
4. Philip Kirkorov – The color of the mood is blue
5. Arthur Pirozhkov “Chika”
6. Time and Glass – TOP [Lyric Video]
7. Yegor Creed – A Million Scarlet Roses (video premiere, 2018)
8. MATRANG – Medusa
9. LITTLE BIG – FARADENZA (official music video)
10. Jah Khalib – Medina | Premiere Clip

Earlier we wrote that YouTube launches Stories for channels with more than 10 thousand subscribers.

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