YouTube Tags: Find keywords and hashtags for your video and channel

YouTube tags allow you to designate a topic or category for a video and show it in the SERP for a specific tag. And by keywords or phrases, your video can be found in YouTube or search engines.

In this article, we will look at how tags and keywords work on YouTube, how they differ from each other. We will tell you how to add tags to a video, why register keys for a channel, and how to watch other people’s tags on YouTube.

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How YouTube tags and keywords work

Let’s take an example – Vasya Pupkin has his own YouTube channel about promotion in social networks. And Masha conducts online handmade lessons and also has her own channel. They want their videos to appear on YouTube for certain requests. To do this, you need to correctly configure the tags and keywords for each video, as well as register them in the channel settings. In addition to YouTube, videos of Vasya and Masha will also be ranked in Google, Yandex and VKontakte for certain queries.

What are keyword tags and how are they different?

Important: Tags (hashtags) and keywords are NOT the same thing.


Tags combine different videos into one category and are written with a hash – #smm, #promoting, #tiktok

Example: you are looking for Instagram promotion videos. Several videos drop out in the search. Open the one you like and see that there are 3 hashtags under it, highlighted in blue.

If we click on any of them, for example, on #promotioninstagrams, we will see a list of all videos marked with the same tag.

What are keyword tags and how are they different?

To search for videos with a specific tag, you can not only click on it under the video, but also enter it in the YouTube search. But not as a regular keyword, but immediately with a lattice (as in the screenshot above). Accordingly, in order for your videos to be displayed in the list by certain tags, they must be added to the video.


Keywords are words and phrases by which your video is found in YouTube, Google or Yandex search. They are written without a grid. The results for tags and keywords are different!

YouTube search results

⚠ Analyze which videos are searched for by specific tags and which are searched for by keywords. Use both in the settings of your videos.

How to use YouTube keywords and tags: a step-by-step guide

Tags and keywords should be used in conjunction, as this increases the chances of the video being viewed. That is, to prescribe both in the video settings.

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For video

Add tags and keywords to videos.

How to add a hashtag to a video

This can be done immediately when uploading the video to YouTube or later. Go to the Creative Studio, section “Video” and click the pencil icon to edit the title and description.

How to add a tag to a YouTube video

In the window for composing a text description for the video, we go down to the end and write the necessary tags (after the description so that they do not distract from the text). We write the most important ones that reflect the theme of the video as much as possible. For example, if a video is about promotion in VK, then we indicate this in the tag.

How to register hashtags under a YouTube video

We put a space between different tags, but in the tag itself, the words are written together. For example, not #VK promotion, but #VK promotion. You can write everything in small letters, there is no difference. Now the video is displayed in the list with our tags. Plus, the tags specified in the description are displayed directly above the video title.

Where tags are shown on YouTube


  • try to indicate no more than 2-3 tags;
  • tags should not be too long;
  • the hashtag must match the content of the video;
  • you can specify a couple of common hashtags and one branded one, for example, with the name of your company – so people can find all the videos about you.

An example of a branded hashtag:

Branded hashtag

How to add keywords to videos

To register keywords for the video, also go to the Creative Studio, section “Video”, editing. We go down below the title and description window to the “Tags” window. Yes, it’s called tags, but these are keywords. And here we register the necessary keys, that is, again, everything related to the topic of the video. There is no limit on the number, but the keys must be 500 characters in total.

How to add keywords to YouTube videos

It is also advisable to prescribe the key phrase in the title of the YouTube video.

Keyword in title

More on the topic: YouTube video SEO optimization

For channel

Channel keywords are needed for YouTube’s algorithms and search engine crawlers to understand what your channel is about.

For Vasya’s channel about promotion, you can specify the following tags: promotion in social networks, promotion in social networks, smm, smm, promotion on instagram, promotion on VK, promotion on tiktok, promotion on facebook, instagram promotion …

For Masha’s channel about handmade, the following tags will be relevant: handmade, handmade, diy, handmade lessons, diy blogger, do it yourself …

Where to register channel keywords

Go to the Creative Studio, section “Settings”.

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Where to register keywords for a YouTube channel

We click on “Channel”.

YouTube channel tags

In the “Basic Information” tab, find the “Keywords” section, register it and click save.

YouTube keywords

Selection of keywords and tags for the channel and YouTube videos

As you already understood, you need to register both tags and keywords in the video settings. But most of the services are picking keywords. There is no difference, you can take a couple of suitable keywords and design them as hashtags. The main thing is to find the right ones, the ones that will increase the chances of your video being watched. Now we will show you how to do this using services.

Services and extensions for collecting keywords

Consider shareware and completely free services. These services allow you to find tags and analyze competitors; in order to remove all restrictions, you need to switch to a paid plan.


VidIQ not only helps you find suitable keywords, but also suggests what to change in the title and description of the channel to promote the video. It also shows general statistics for each video.

After registering on the site and installing the VidIQ extension in the browser, you can start working. For example, we drive in the word of interest to us in the YouTube search and see a list of videos. Competitors’ keywords are displayed under each video.

Selection of keywords and tags for the channel and YouTube videos

You can also see the rating of the keyword – how often authors use it in their videos, and how often regular users search for it in search. In addition, VidIQ immediately suggests related keywords.

Services and extensions for collecting keywords

💡 Tip: If you decide to parse the tags of competitors, then you do not need to just copy and paste them into your video. Make your keyword combination based on clues.

Parsing other people’s tags is not the only method of working with VidIQ. You can just start editing the tags of your video, and the extension will immediately suggest suitable keyword suggestions with their rating (the number at the end of the word). It will also tell you what keywords you can borrow from other authors.

In the Pro version of VidIQ, you can see the time of the highest audience activity, track what subscribers are watching and get more tag tips.


TubeBuddy is an analogue of VidIQ, it has similar functionality and also works as an extension. The essence of the work here is the same – you start customizing the video (title, description), and the extension offers you the relevant tags. We will not dwell on this service in detail, since it is identical to the previous one.


Chrome extension – Tags for YouTube

A simple extension that shows competitors’ tags. After installation, you need to restart your browser for it to work. Then we open any video on YouTube and at the very bottom we see the video tags.

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Chrome extension - Tags for YouTube


This service also parses competitors’ tags. You just need to enter the url of the video in the line and click on the search icon.


A list of tags will appear below the video. You can select all or several tags with a tick and click “Copy”. The keywords are saved to the clipboard.

Parsing keywords and tags on YouTube

Online tag and keyword generators

Tag generators help you select a set of relevant keywords for one or several queries. What services can be used:


In the search bar of the service, you need to enter the word of interest to us, for example, “promotion”, select a country, language and click start.

Online tag and keyword generators

The service displays possible variants of key phrases with this word. In the free version you can see only the keyword rating, in the paid version you can see the frequency for each tag and the estimated cost per click. The service generates keywords not only for YouTube, but for search engines, Twitter, Ebay and Amazon stores.

Tego generator for YouTube


The same thing – enter the main word for the video, click “Match tags”.

Prozavr - selection of tags

And we get a list of ready-made keywords in descending order of popularity. True, there are no statistics for each tag. But besides generating keywords, there is parsing tags of competitors.

List of keywords for YouTube channel

The service is free, but for a nominal monthly fee, you can buy access to other tools, for example, get a parser for images from sites or the function of bulk domain check for availability.

Keyword Tool

This is a service where you can search for keywords not only for YouTube, but also for Instagram, products on Amazon, and advertising campaigns on Google.

Keyword Tool

In the free version, the service shows only 5 keys, the prices for the paid version leave much to be desired (from $ 89 per month with a monthly payment). What information on keywords can be obtained:

  • Search volume – the number of search queries;
  • Trend – search dynamics for a keyword;
  • CPC – the approximate cost per click (for those who run ad campaigns);
  • Competition – competition for the selected phrase.

And, of course, you can use Yandex.Wordstat or the keyword planner in Google Ads.


One of the ways to promote a YouTube channel is with tags and keywords. Not all creators use them in their videos, but tags can deliver tangible results when done right. Of course, the position in the search results depends not only on keywords and their number – YouTube has its own ranking algorithm. There are many factors influencing the delivery of a video, but keywords and tags undoubtedly play an important role in the promotion.

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