YouTube will allow ads in the middle of short videos

According to YouTube’s monetization policy, mid-roll ads are available for videos longer than 10 minutes. Everything will change at the end of July – it will also be possible to add ads in the middle of the video to a video for more than 8 minutes.

As part of this change, ads will be included in the middle of the video on all existing and future videos that qualify for the affiliate program. This will also affect those videos where the author may have opted out of advertising in the middle of the video. Videos that already include mid-roll ads will not be affected.

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If you don’t want to add ads in the middle of your videos, you can set this preference in YouTube Studio by July 27, 2020. After the automatic changes, you can still turn off mid-video ads or adjust placement in each video separately.

YouTube, using machine learning technology, will find the best place to advertise in the middle of the video so that the viewing is not interrupted at any important moment.

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Thus, shorter videos will now be eligible for monetization, which is good for bloggers and won’t annoy viewers.

Earlier, YouTube made the Episodes feature available to all users, and also announced the ability to customize channels.

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