YouTube will count ad views in 10 seconds instead of 30

YouTube announced a change to TrueView for action attribution for video ads.

The TrueView format allows you to avoid paying for showing ads to uninterested users.

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What changed?

  • The standard attribution window will be 3 days after the video has been watched for 10 seconds. Previously, it counted 30 days after viewing the first 30 seconds.
  • The innovation will affect the Target Cost Per Conversion and Maximize Conversions strategies. For users who click on the ad, the conversion will continue to be counted for the period set by the advertiser (30 days by default). To change this period, you need to contact your Google manager.

The changes are needed to better reflect “the relationship between video ad impressions and conversions,” a company spokesperson said.

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What does this mean for advertisers?

Faster tracking of video view conversions will mean faster growth for targeted CPA campaigns and more accurate reporting.

At the same time, advertisers should take into account that now payment for advertising will be charged when the user has viewed 10 seconds, and not 30 seconds of your ad. You need to carefully monitor the results of advertising campaigns and control possible budget changes.

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