YouTube will show 2 ads instead of one

YouTube changes the principle of showing pre-rolls and is going to show users 2 commercials before the video. According to the developers, this will reduce the number of ad breaks when watching videos.

At the moment, the innovation is at the testing stage. As a result of a Google study, users have found that users respond less well to ads that interrupt video viewing. In particular, ads in the beginning have a higher percentage of views.

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By combining 2 videos into one ad unit, YouTube plans to reduce the number of “ad breaks” by an average of 40%.

Also, the study found that extended ad units help advertisers increase reach (by 8-11%) and frequency of ad impressions (5-10%).

YouTube will launch extended ad breaks, first on desktops and then on mobile and connected TV screens. The video service promises that the videos can be skipped.

Previously YouTube launched a vertical ad format

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